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Sarah Rachul

Hey! My name is Sarah and when I'm not writing, I love to either be on the golf course or in the kitchen. I'm a big fan of Apple products and most people think my iPhone is permanently attached to my hand.
Latest from Sarah

Add Some Razzle Dazzle To Your Videos

Are you bored of ordinary videos? Recood has the solution.

Explaining A Website Has Never Been Easier, Even Your Grandma Could Do It

Have you ever thought a website could use some changes? Or, have you ever needed visuals to explain websites? Explain a Website might be able to help.

Run Away With Your Dreams In The Fantasy Lands Of Mr. Dreamer

Do you like to daydream? Mr. Dreamer might be the perfect app for you to let your imagination run.

Turn Your iPad Into A Scrapbook With Showboat

Have you ever wanted to create beautiful scrapbooks without all the hassle? Now you can with Showboat.

The Worms Are Ready For Payback in Worm Vs Birds

Chillingo has come out with a fresh, fantastic slingshot game.

Increase Your IQ And Brag About It Too With Intelligence Series: IQ Test

Golden Academy helps you get your brain in fighting shape.

PhotoTwee Lets You Get Your Message Across In A Creative New Way

PhotoTwee makes sure your Twitter feed is never boring again.

Real Price is Real Great For Any Shopping Trip

Gearbiz solves the main problem of wholesale shopping: finding the real price of the products you're buying.

Turn Your Device Into A Cookbook With Eats

Eats is the perfect app for anyone who loves to cook and has a lot of recipes.

Dive Into The Waters Of The Caribbean With Fishing Joy 2

PunchBox expands on the popularity of their original Fishing Joy with the new and improved Fishing Joy 2.

Achroma Falls From Space And Crash Lands As A Meteor Of Disappointment

Avoid this game like you would avoid aliens chasing you.

Life Is Full Of Challenges, Conquer Yours In Life Quest

Big Fish Games gives you the opportunity to try a new life on for size.

Girls Can Be Heroes Too In Dungeon Block: Girl Rescues Knight

Play rock, paper, scissors to help the girl save her knight.

Swipe The Lovesick Fish To Safety In Jar On A Bar

Use logic and finger swiping skill to get your fish back to the safety of the lake.

To Do! Takes Away Any Excuse For Being Disorganized

Finally become as organized as you've always wanted to be with To Do!

Master Difficult Controls To Fly To Safety In Angry Fly Adventure HD

Strap on a rocket launcher and start flying in Angry Fly Adventure HD.

Win A Copy Of Bankr Personal Finance

A chance to win an amazing personal finance app.

It's Only Common Sense You Come To A Logical Conclusion

Test your brainpower with the challenging app Logical Conclusion.

Keep Chickens From Getting Extra Crispy In Chickens BBQ

Chickens everywhere need your help landing safely as they jump from burning buildings.

Climb The Evolutionary Ladder To Win A Copy Of Evolush: Evolution Journey

Do you have what it takes to become highly evolved? Evolush: Evolution Journey takes you on the journey from fish to spaceman.

Where's My Perry? Combines Two Disney Favorites Into One Fun App

Agent Perry needs your help navigating the sewers of headquarters.

Bankr Makes Personal Finance Easy With Its Clean And Simple Design

Styled Syntax combines all the benefits of an accountant and a finanacial planner into a convenient app for your iPhone.