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Sean Capelle

App reviewer, Apple geek, father of three, bass guitarist, wombat tamer: one of these things is made up, but the rest do a pretty good job of describing Sean.
Latest from Sean

Crack Some Eggs, Make An Omelet In Brave Eggs

Easter's already gone, but here's an idea for what to do with any of those leftover eggs.

Prove that You're A Quick Draw In Holster

It's just you and your opponent standing in the center of town. Who wins?

Would Even A Free Copy Of Paradigm Shift Make You Groan Like A Zombie?

Find out if winning a free copy of this game would make it more palatable.

Unlock The Magic Of Pyracubes

An evil sorcerer named Mobib has turned King Theban into a beetle by harnessing the power of the Pyracubes.

Match Runes, Save Merlin In Runes Of Avalon HD

Are you a great enough magician to be able to save Merlin?

Fairune Proves It's Dangerous To Go Alone

You play as a warrior who needs to stop an ancient evil (they tend to show up every hundred years or so).

Free The Fluffs In Gravity Maze

The Fluffs are imprisoned in a series of mazes and it will take some fancy tilting to save them.

Party Like It's 1599 In Angry Bards

The only pig in this game is the mean king who wants to end the Renaissance.

Knock Your Opponent Around In Trickochet

Can you bounce your way to victory?

Words Mightier Than The Sword In Words Unleashed

With the different modes available, this word game is four games in one.

Dial A For Armadillo In Armaroller

Set on a beautiful island, in this game you’ll need to putt the armadillo across the course and plink him into the hole at the end.

Play Star Wars Pinball, You Must

This pinball game looks like you could actually find it in an arcade, but goes even farther with thematic elements, such as lightsabers.

Shoot First, Don't Bother With Questions In Plasma-Sky

A new gun has moved into town in this addictive shoot em up game.

Coolness Only Goes So Far In Zeeek

This game looks and sounds great, but will you be able to endure it?

Can You Keep The Purity In Master Of Alchemy?

Drag and drop different equipment into the level to alter the course of the particles and also transform them.

Board, Platform Games Meet In Little Boy Space

What do you get when you cross a platform and board game? This app aims to answer that question.

Stay In Action, Out Of Traction In Skyman

The goal is simple: please the crowd by breaking your records for height and distance.

Solitaire Royal Kills Time Without Killing The Budget

There’s something to be said for having a solid and reliable game of Solitaire on hand. You never know when you may need it. That’s where this app comes in.

Aurasma 2.0 Adds New Features And Interface

Augmented reality is the future. Aurasma is one app that takes advantage of it.

Breakout Genre Broken With Brickout Zero Gravity

Breakout will never be the same.

Get Flying Monkeys Off Your Back In Temple Run: Oz

Just in time for the Oz movie this weekend, this Temple Run addition throws you into the world of Oz.

Use Physics To Free Animals In Chickens And Moles

Break the animals free in this fun and challenging physics-based game.

Clip Art Aplenty In Mr. Bunny's PhotoLab HD

Decorate your photos with a whole gallery of stylized cartoons from artist Joe Ledbetter.

Will Graviton Block Blind You With Science?

Play Tetris like you never have before!