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Simone Luker

Latest from Simone

Review: 1001 Ringtones

1001 Ringtones features all different varieties of songs, sounds and people. From the annoying to the soothing, from upbeat to country and Charlie bit me to the Adam's Family. 1001 Ringtones has all types, just find the one, or more, that you enjoy.

Review: Bloons

Pop as many balloons as possible with the mischievous monkey to unlock the next level.

Review: Sally's Salon

Another of Sally's addictive games where you wash, cut, dry and style customer's hair in a timely manner. Keep the customer's happy by quickly doing your salon duties and giving them what they want. Each level brings with it new challenges.

Review: Tetris

The original Tetris is back with new features and touch technology.

Review: iFitness

Stay in shape with your own personal trainer. Find exercises and routines that suit your gym lifestyle and track your records. With this application you'll never find it hard to stay motivated an on track.

Review: Jungle Bloxx

A challenging puzzle game where you help monkeys destroy blocks in order to get to the red diamond. But don't let the diamond fall or it will break. Each stage has a gold, silver or bronze medal depending on how many blocks it takes for you to get the diamond.

Review: Sally's Spa

A fun and addictive strategy game for every girl's fantasy. Move Sally around the spa to satisfy customers, do it fast, before the customers get upset. The more customers you satisfy, the more money you make.