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Holy Flashback! Atari’s Greatest Hits Comes To iOS

If you were born after 1970, this may be ancient history, but once upon a time, Atari was the king of arcade gaming. Now that Atari's Greatest Hit's is on the App Store, do the iconic games stand the test of time? And, do they adapt well to a touchscreen interface?

Review: The Alarm Clock

You thought you would never be able to wake up in a good mood because the native alarm clock never played your favorite song, well The Alarm Clock app does. Pick your song and wake up to it blaring in your face, until that is you start hating it.

Review: Clock Radio

Clock Radio is the alarm that you have been waking up to since you were a child. A delightful little app that wakes you up to your choice of radio, selected from a numerous bunch.

Review: Kaplan SAT Flashcubes

Flashcubes gives you the SAT prep that you always wanted to ace the Verbal section of the SAT, and if that wasn't enough, you have the features such as tests and additional Vocab to put you over the top.

Review: Bazaar Grocery Shopping

Does you wife always get mad at you for getting the wrong thing or missing items completely. Well you can tell her to go shopping herself and be in a world of trouble, or you can get this app and have her manage the list for you.

Review: Sex-A-Ma-Phone

Sex-A-Ma-Phone tells you what you always wanted to know, weather you are hot or not so much. It will take you breath analyze it and give you a reading for you and your friends to laugh at.

Review: NewsAddict

An app that puts forty one news sources at the tip of your fingers. So if you are shaking uncontrollably because you haven't had your daily overdoes of news than turn on your NewsAddict and click away.

Review: Offender Locator

In todays world it is getting harder and harder to keep yourself and your children safe. The news comes on and you start worrying about the possibilities. This app either gives you peace of mind or scares you. It makes you more aware.

Review: Fizz Weather

You thought you knew everything there was to know about weather. You also thought you couldn't be more interested until they change the local weather man back to the weather girl. Well this app doesn't give you the girl, but it sure gives you a lot of weather and a user interface that would keep your interest.

Review: OffMaps

OffMaps is an application that comes in handy in times of dire need. If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with no internet and had the smarts to preload the map than whip out your apple device and click away. You have been saved.

Review: StarNews

Anything you ever wanted to know about the celebrity culture in your hands. And what sweetens the deal is that you don't have to look at every joe shmo, B list, C list celeb. You can skip to your favorites and to the most interesting of their stories.

Review: Receipts

It gives you control over your spending so you can chose to follow your budget or not. It's something most people need, especially if you are in credit card debt and are really suffering from the economic climate.

Review: Instant Guitar Solo

A fun application that shows you what it is to make a solo but keeps you unsatisfied if your life revolves around music.

Review: Adaptunes

Do you ever wonder to yourself: I am going to speed up, I wish my stereo could adjust volume to the speed. I know I have. Well, wonder no more Adaptunes is here.

Review: Congress+

Many times in my life, I’ve been told to support a stance on a particular issue by contacting my local representative. I’d nod and agree with that course of action and say something rah-rah in return, and then promptly do nothing of the sort, either because I had no idea who my local representative was or because I had no idea how to get in contact with them (or both). For whatever reason, looking them up in the phone book never seemed like an adequate solution to me. Now, with the power of the iPhone, I have no excuses. Why? Read on to find out.