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Stella Violano

Stella is a lifelong California resident who loves to surf both the web and ocean. She has written for both Country Connections magazine and Art Calendar magazine and other web publications. As a fine artist her work is sold on greeting cards, puzzles and home decor. The day the AppStore opened an addiction to apps was born that continues today. She has owned every version of iPhone and iPad at one time or another and has owned and tried out hundreds of apps. Stella is thrilled to have been hired by AppAdvice. It is a dream job to be able to help others by selecting a perfect set of applications to get a job done or celebrate an occasion.
Latest from Stella

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Unlike Android and other competitors, Apple ensures that their iDevices are accessible to users with disabilities.

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This week an iPad controlled super yacht was launched. You really have to see it to believe it.

Game Changer: New App Lets You Compare Carrier Signals Where You Are

CarrierCompare is the app the iPhone carriers do not want you to see.

Coming Soon To iOS: Fight Zombies In Classic Game Spoof, Organ Trail

Organ Trail zombie parody game getting spruced up for App Store debut.

Procreate Used To Design Music Video: You Need To See This

A tight budget inspires an animator to rely on an iPad with amazing results.

Teenage Boy Possibly Trading His Life For An iPad and iPhone

Five arrested as the Chinese teenager who sold his kidney to purchase iDevices goes into kidney failure.

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Watch amazing footage as an iPhone gives firefighters the tool they need to rescue a toddler from a well.

Wind Noise Messing With Your iLife? Check Out DeadCatDots

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Siri To Go On Trial: Is She Really Just 'A Work In Progress?'

Frustrated by Apple ads featuring Siri, a New York man has filed a class action lawsuit claiming Apple is misleading the public.