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Over the years, I have grown up loving all things electronic. The words Casio, Calico, Commodore, Atari and Pong all bring warm memories, as I anticipated Christmas morning and the shiny new electronic item that waited under the tree. (Yeah, I am exposing my age.) I had a Simon, a Merlin, and a strange little football game that chased red dots down a green screen. I was the envy of our neighborhood, and … I am a girl. Barbie? Ken? The Dream House? I only played with that stuff in order to have friends. Technology is a great way to pass the time when you live in Minnesota and face a long, cold winter! I love exploring the vast array of applications that both the iPhone and iPad have to offer, and I love sharing all this with others! Contact: [email protected] Follow me on twitter @technopinksue or at www.technopink.com

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