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William Douglas

I have been working in Information Technology for 15+ years and have been hacking and modding phones for about 7.
Latest from William

Review: The Elements for iPhone 4

Get all the scientific data you need from the entire periodic table with "The Elements for iPhone 4." Have you ever wanted to know more about aluminum or sodium? Read more...

Review: RomanticPhoto - Can You Make Your Photos Into Works Of Art?

With RomanticPhoto can any amateur photographer make their photos look like they were taken with the most professional techniques and filters? Read on to find out.

QuickAdvice: Camera Flash PRO Effects - Flash Photography for no Flash iPhones

With Camera Flash PRO Effects you can add flash to your existing photos even when you have an iPhone with no flash.

Review: Battery Doctor Pro

Get details on your battery performance and how to maximize your battery life using Battery Doctor Pro. It will always let you know at a glance just how much time you have left on each charge for the most commonly used tasks. Battery Doctor Pro has been sitting in the Top 25 for weeks, but is it the best? Let's find out.

Review: NDrive

NDrive brings another great navigation app to the iPhone and iPod Touch, but also lets you have your trip itinerary right on your phone, easy to access at all times.

Review: Mall Maps - You Are Here

Shop at with ease with Mall Maps - You Are Here. Never again will you have to spend hours walking around your local mall trying to find a store you need. This shopping companion will make your holiday shopping as stress free as possible.

Review: Food Scanner

Food Scanner is the perfect app for those who are health conscious and want to keep track of what they eat. Food Scanner can scan barcodes for easy tracking, but does it work as well as it should? Read on to find out.

Review: USA Traffic & Weather - 5 Code Giveaway

USA Traffic & Weather is the must have news and weather travel app for your iPhone 3G and 3GS. With live travel indication with Google Maps and the ability to report weather and breaking news. User can additionally email their location to friends and family while traveling.