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1337 game design

The Devil’s Attorney Doesn’t Offer Plea Bargains

Say goodbye to human decency and hello to a luxury penthouse in this universal turn-based strategy battle game.

Review: Dark Nebula - Episode 2 - Ready To Roll?

Dark Nebula is back with Episode 2 giving you more of a great thing plus a brand new battle mechanic. Read on to find out if it's worth picking up.

Dark Nebula - Episode Two Finally Rolls Into The App Store

It has been nearly an entire year since the first Dark Nebula's fine-tuned gameplay gripped iPhone and iPod touch gamers by their tilt-capable hands and wouldn't let go, and now the sequel is finally available in the App Store.

AppTalk: Interview with Anders Hejdenberg, Developer of Dark Nebula

AppTalk featuring an interview with the developer of Dark Nebula, Anders Hejdenberg. He was the lead designer of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, and has turned his sights to the iPhone. Find out all about him. Plus there are details of Episode 2.