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Cubes Vs. Spheres Mixes Physics-Based Puzzle Gaming With Tower Defense

If you enjoy physics games, puzzlers, or tower defense titles check out Cubes vs. Spheres. The universal app just received a minor update and offers innovative gameplay, a great art style with colorful visuals, and an intensive combo system. Your goal is to stop incoming waves of cubes from reaching your base by flinging spheres at them.

Mike Lata

Use Your iPad 2 Camera In: Two Worlds 2 Castle Defense HD

Track your movements and look around corners of your game when playing the latest update of Two Worlds II Castle Defense HD on iPad 2. Now you can use your iPad 2's camera in the game to track the movements of your head and add a virtual reality element to the gameplay. The update brings the title to version 1.2.

Mike Lata

CurveBot Available As A Universal App

Cut out parts of level layouts in 3D puzzle game CurveBot. The gameplay consists of freeing friendly characters and avoiding enemy drones. There are a wide variety of enemy drones to overcome and various "clever coins" to utilize in the game.

Mike Lata

QuBIT Hits The App Store

Check out new 3D space-harvesting game QuBIT. The game has you take control of a robot and mine for rare resources. It is currently available on the NZ App Store.

Mike Lata

A few months ago, an interesting video surfaced that showed the concept of tracking a user’s head movement on iDevices. It was significant since it showed how 3D objects could rotate as you moved your head in different directions. Now the concept is available in the App Store as a new app, i3D.

Incredible: iPad 2 Gets Glassless 3D Thanks To Front Facing Camera

The past has shown that the more sensors Apple adds to its iDevices, the more amazing things developers are able to do with them. From Instant Heart Rate to Word Lens, not to mention GarageBand, we've seen it all. Now, some French folks have now managed to go even further using the iPad 2's powerful processor and front facing camera.

Alexander Vaughn

QuickAdvice: 3D Photo Turns Your Photos Into Interesting 3D Shapes

3D Photo is not exactly what it sounds like from the name. You might be expecting something like 3D Camera, an app which allows you to create actual 3D photos that you would look at through those funky red and blue glasses. 3D Photo is really an art-photography app, more along the lines of Fracture or VideoScope. However, it’s really something different from any other app I’ve seen. It allows you to turn your photos into bizarre, three-dimensional art.

Karen Freeman

QuickAdvice: Create Real 3D Photos with 3D Camera

3D Camera is an app that does just one thing, and does it well: creates 3D photos. Love it or hate it, 3D is here to stay. I thought it was dead for a while, after the cheesy 3D films of my childhood, but Avatar brought it right back to the front and center of pop culture. Want to get in on the trend? Well, I don’t know how to make a 3D movie, but you can certainly create your very own authentic 3D (and mock 3D) photos.

Karen Freeman

Pocket Legends - 3D MMO App For iPhone

Pocket Legends is a great new 3D MMO App for iPhone. As far as role playing goes, it doesn't get much better than this. The graphics are outstanding and the overall gameplaying experience is as close to anything you have played before on PC or Mac, its like a mini World of Warcraft in your pocket.

Phil Wheeler