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AppGuide Updated: Remote Desktop Apps

Check out this AppGuide to find some awesome free and paid remote desktop apps for your iDevice.

Is Reliable Verizon Being Unreliable For You Today?

Verizon is experiencing a massive network outage in the United States. Who knows when it will be fixed?

Surprisingly, 34 Percent Of iPhone Owners Think They Already Have 4G

According to a recent survey carried out by the consumer electronics website Retrevo, over one third of iPhone owners think they already have 4G.

Early Rumors Circulate About 3G Connectivity In The iPod Touch

You’ve probably heard the comment that an iPod touch is an iPhone without the phone. Now, there are rumors floating about that may bring the iPod one step closer to actually becoming a phone.

“Free” iPads Available In Japan

If you have frequent flyer miles and really want an iPad, consider a trip to Japan. In the "Land of the Rising Sun," you can get the Apple tablet for free if you pay for its 3G connection. Read more ...

DataMan Will Monitor & Geotag Your Data Usage

Looking for a very comprehensive app to track your 3G and Wi-Fi usage? DataMan is here to do just that.

Jailbreak Only: Auto3G - Save Battery Life On Your iPhone

If your iPhone is forever running out of power, be sure to read on, and find out more about Auto3G. The tweak allows jailbroken iPhone owners to prolong their handset's battery life by having the phone automatically switch to 2G when not in use.

Maker Of CDMA Chips Looking For iPhone Developer

Qualcomm, a leading manufacturer of CDMA radio chips like those used in Verizon's Android offerings, is now looking for an iPhone developer.

Jailbreak Only: FaceBreak - Another Way To Use FaceTime Over 3G

If you're looking to take FaceTime on the road, why not take a look at FaceBreak - a new tweak which allows jailbroken iPhone 4 users to make FaceTime calls over a 3G network. Read on to find out more!

AppGuide: Multi-Player First Person Shooters

Lock 'n Load and see which iPhone shooters ranked in the top, and which ones you can actually skip to go get that "McDonald's value meal" instead in our newest Appguide for Multi-Player First Person Shooters.

Appisode 162: Jailbreak Made Easy, FaceTime Over 3G And An Apptacular Home Accessory

Jailbreaking for everyone - and it's never been easier. FaceTime over 3G, plus make your living room AppTastic with new app icon coasters. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.

QuickAdvice: Camera Flash PRO Effects - Flash Photography for no Flash iPhones

With Camera Flash PRO Effects you can add flash to your existing photos even when you have an iPhone with no flash.

AT&T Offloading Data Service To Wi-Fi In Troubled Areas

In some of AT&T's most troubled areas, they have come up with an alternate solution to their problems. AT&T is trying to offload their data traffic to Wi-Fi.

The AT&T 3G MicroCell: A Mini Cell Tower in Your Home?

Do you love your iPhone but hate the lousy reception in your home? Frustrated by having to step outside to make or take phone calls? A new device from AT&T may solve this troubling issue for you.

iPhone 4 Users: How's Your Battery Life?

While the iPhone 4 boasts a larger battery than any previous iPhone, it also brings with it several new features that could be battery draining. So, just how does battery life stack up in the real world compared to its predecessors?

Upgrading? How To Make A Mint From Your Old iPhone

Hundreds of thousands of iPhone owners will be upgrading their existing iPhones to an iPhone 4 which will leave many wondering; "What do I do with this old iPhone?" Luckily, we have some answers.

Skype Reschedules Its Controversial 3G Calling Fee

Skype rescheduled the introduction of its controversial 3G calling fee, until the end of the year.

iPhone Skype App Now Allowing Calls Over 3G - Soon For A Fee

The iPhone Skype app just got an update and finally allows calls over 3G. Unfortunately there is a catch, as the feature comes with a price.

Appisode 130: More iPhone Rumors And A New Utility Toolbox!

Fresh rumors are pouring in. Could the 8GB 3G be no more? And is a new Apple commercial featuring video chat in the works? We'll bring you the details. Plus we have a new Utility Toolbox. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Review: Qik Video Camera Pro

Want to add effects to your videos in real-time? How about uploading them to multiple different social networks to share with friends? Qik Video Camera Pro has you covered.

Don't Hold Your Breath For iPhone Tethering

It's been nearly a year since tethering was announced for the iPhone. Where do we stand with AT&T's promise to deliver on their network?

Steve Jobs Confirms US 3G iPad Availability For April 30th At Best Buy

Steve Jobs is still really enjoying this whole PR role apparently and answered yet another email today concerning the iPad.

Skype Gets An iPad Update - Still Lacks Push & 3G

No luck Skypers, the iPhone Skype app just got an update, but fails us once again.

EyeTV Gets Official 3G Streaming Capabilities

A short note to notify you that EyeTV, the video streaming app that allows EyeTV users to relay live TV from their Mac to their iPhone just got an update and now officially works over 3G.