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7.85-inch ipad mini

Purported iPad mini Shots Show No Shooter

These images indicate the iPad mini could be lacking a key component.

Nexus 7 Retailers Report Rapid Sales, Widespread Sellouts

With customer demand reportedly soaring, Google's Nexus 7 could actually be a hit. For now.

Will The iPad mini Be The Thinnest iPad Yet?

Some purported images of an iPad mini design sample have surfaced and show new features that point to a refreshed design.

The Purported iPad mini Is Far From A Lowly 7-Inch Tablet

Apple's iPad mini is a lot bigger than you probably thought.

Another iPad Mini Rumor Suggests Release This Year

With much of the blogosphere opining on what the new iPhone may look like, we’ve got a new rumor today about Apple’s mythical iPad mini. And yes, we're still hearing the new iDevice could launch this year.

John Gruber Claims Apple Is Currently Testing The Rumored 'iPad mini'

Apple insider John Gruber says the iPad mini is currently undergoing tests in Cupertino.

Apple Has 163 Reasons To Release Fabled 'iPad mini'

iPad mini? I was a doubter, but now I see the light.