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Do You Like Today's Band Of The Day?

Band of the Day, which is an excellent music app for any day, has recently received another update.

Band Of The Day Update Enables Sharing Of Full-Play Songs

Band Of The Day has just been updated with a couple of changes to its social layer.

Great Music Discovery Is The Order Of The Day In Recently Updated Band Of The Day

A recent update to Band of the Day only serves to reinforce an important point I have long held: that I'm going nowhere else with regard to my music discovery on my iPhone and iPad.

Woodstock: The Must-Have iPad App

Generations are largely defined by events. For those born following World War II (i.e. the baby boomers), that event for many was the Woodstock Festival. Now a new iPad app has arrived that tries to explain what Woodstock was and how it changed those who took part. With it, iPad owners of all ages can enjoy great music, videos, and an amazing collection of photos.