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Video Shows The Speedy iPhone 5 In Action

Racing game Asphalt 7 loads more than twice as fast on the iPhone 5 compared to the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 Event Video Recap - Everything You Need To Know

Watch today's show to find out everything that happened at the iPhone 5 event in under eight minutes.

The Next iPhone: It Isn't Bigfoot, But It Could Be The A6 Processor

A new photo might show the long-rumored A6 processor. Will it show up soon on the new iPhone?

The Next iPhone May Finally Be Sporting Elusive A6 Processor

The next iPhone will be the first iOS product with a quad-core processor, according to a recent report.

New Code Unveils Unidentified iOS Chip - A6?

Were we wrong about the iPad 3 sporting an A5X chip?

Debut Tool Images Claim iPad 3 To Feature Quad-Core Processor, LTE Capabilities

The purported images of a debug tool hooked-up to an iPad 3 prototype have recently hit the Web (via Boy Genius Report), with the images suggesting that Apple's third-generation tablet will feature a quad-core "A6" processor and LTE capabilities.

Production Of The iPad 3 Begins: A6, LTE And Retina Display Rumored

Bloomberg reported that production of the iPad 3 has begun, preparing for its release in March.

New iOS Beta Hints At Quad-Core Processors For New iDevices

The new iOS 5.1 beta suggests that the next generation iPhone and iPad will have quad-core processors.