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The iPhone 5s Sensor Woes Are Apparently Cured With iOS 7.0.3

Here's yet another good reason to download the latest version of iOS from Apple.

Developer Speculates On The iPhone 5s Accelerometer Issues

RealityCap CEO Eagle Jones says the problem could stem from a new chip supplier.

Gyro-gate? Apple's iPhone 5s Motion Sensors Shown To Be Hugely Inaccurate

Don't plan on using your iPhone 5s to set up bookshelves. Or to navigate. Or to play iOS racers.

Snail Break Is A Fun Tilting Game For The iPad

Have a Snail Break with The Box Fort's new accelerometer game for the iPad.

Take A Thrilling Ride With 8 Bit Rally

A truly thrilling racing experience on the iPhone! The new game 8 Bit Rally will satisfy you endlessly with 60 exciting tracks, record speeds, and many upgrades.

Accelerate Your Gaming Skills With GeoSphere

Relive your arcade days and quickly find your way to destroying enemy invaders—all using your accelerometer! There are six different weapons, so choose wisely! How long can you last?

Tilt And Steer To Avoid The Line With Electro Chuck

Electro Chuck is a game that challenges you to tilt and steer your device to keep Chuck from touching the electric line. Sounds easy enough, right? Electro Chuck is easy to learn, but quite challenging as you progress. Dodge those enemies and grab bonuses as you help Chuck master each world.

New AppGuide : Best Accelerometer Games

The accelerometer brings a new dimension to iPhone gaming. This guide will help you choose the best games that utilize this amazing technology.

New Mobile Safari Features To Take WebApps To The Next Level

Mobile Safari has seen a significant upgrade as part of the iOS 4.2 release. Developers should be thrilled. Read more ...

Eliminate:GunRange Updated With 3G And 3GS Support, Bang!

Great news for iPhone 3G and 3GS owners - Eliminate:GunRange, the previously iPhone 4-exclusve app, has just been updated to include support for Apple's more aged iPhone handsets. Read on to find out whether this is something worth getting excited about!