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Activation Lock

Without Activation Lock, the Apple Watch is more vulnerable to theft than an iPhone or iPad

There’s nothing stopping a thief from wiping the device and re-pairing it with another iPhone.

Apple launches new Web tool for checking status of Activation Lock on iOS devices

Apple has just launched a new Web tool that lets you easily check the Activation Lock status of an iOS device.

The 'kill switch' for iOS devices, Activation Lock, caused a spike in Samsung smartphone thefts

The feature is turned on by default on iOS 8 devices – including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple's iPhones most likely to get stolen according to UK's 'Mobile Phone Theft Ratio'

The latest models of Apple's iPhone are the mobile phones most likely to be targeted by thieves in England and Wales.

California enacts 'kill switch' bill to combat smartphone theft in most populous state

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed the "kill switch" bill.

Smartphone 'kill-switch' bill now awaits governor's approval in California

California's smartphone "kill-switch" bill could soon be made law in the U.S. state.

Cases Of iPhone Theft In Some Cities Have Dropped Thanks To Apple's 'Kill Switch'

Apple's "kill switch" feature may have resulted in a reduction in smartphone thefts in some cities.

Hackers Claim To Have Compromised Apple’s iCloud And Activation Lock

The issue is reportedly tied to a major SSL bug that still plagues iTunes for Windows.

California Senate Now Passes Smartphone Kill-Switch Bill

From July 2015, all smartphones in California will need to offer customers access to "kill-switch" options.

Californian Legislators Reject 'Kill-Switch' Bill For Smartphones

Californian legislators recently ruled against a mandatory kill-switch for smartphones.

Apple, Google And More Back Anti-Theft 'Kill-Switch' For Smartphones

From July 2015, the most popular smartphones on the market will feature a global "kill-switch."

Bug In iOS 7.1 Lets Thieves Disable Find My iPhone Without Entering A Password

Thanks to a recent YouTube video, iOS device users now have another security bug to worry about.

New Federal Bill Could See Anti-Theft 'Kill Switch' Introduced In All Smartphones

Four senators are calling for "kill switches" to be built into all future smartphones.

The New York Police Department Says: Download iOS 7, Now!

The New York Police Department is advising New Yorkers to download iOS 7.

Activation Lock Will Help Protect Your iOS Device

Part of iOS 7, Activation Lock should make life more difficult for thieves.