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Guitar Hero Live arrives on Apple TV, but there's a catch

This rocking game has arrived on the Apple TV, but it seems to have gotten past some of Cupertino's rules.

The new controller for Guitar Hero Live is crippled by a bug

There won't be any guitar shredding on this game quite yet.

Rock out on your iPhone or a controller in Guitar Hero Live

You can rock out for free for a little while, but will have to pay for the full experience.

Activision’s Skylanders SuperChargers speeds its way to iOS

The Skylanders series isn’t just for consoles or iPads anymore. Look for this great new game to hit other iOS devices.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions gets Evolved with new content

The new update to Geometry Wars 3 delivers the content of the Evolved update that was issued to the game’s console counterpart last March.

Best games of the week: Geometry Wars 3 and Sword of Xolan

Get ready for some colorful, geometrical explosions and slash your way to save the village in our top game picks for the week!

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is finally on iOS and well worth it

Geometry Wars is back on the App Store and it's better than ever.

Activision officially releases Clash of Clans-like Call of Duty: Heroes on iOS worldwide

Activision has officially launched Call of Duty: Heroes on the App Store worldwide.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Companion app features clan wars, emblem editor and more

The official mobile companion app of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been released on iOS.

Crash, bash and dash your way to victory in Activision's new sequel to Wipeout

Get ready to bounce and bash some more with big balls and other crazy obstacles in Wipeout 2.

Activision to offer first full Skylanders game on iOS with Skylanders Trap Team

The first ever full Skylanders game is set to hit iOS soon.

Activision's Skylanders Battlegrounds Goes Free For First Time On iOS

Activision has just reduced the price of Skylanders Battlegrounds on the App Store all the way to the ground.

Activision Is Pulling The Plug On All DLC For Guitar Hero, DJ Hero And Band Hero

Activision is set to stop offering downloadable music for its Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Band Hero games by the end of this month.

Call Of Duty: Strike Team Gains New Global Conflict, New Domination Mode And More

Activision has just deployed another major update to Call of Duty: Strike Team.

Call Of Duty: Strike Team Updated With New Game Mode, New Combat Zone And More

Lock and load! Call of Duty: Strike Team has just been issued by Activision another major update.

May The Swap Force Be With You As You Play Activision's Skylanders Lost Islands

Skylanders Lost Islands has gained another update that introduces a new force to be reckoned with.

Call Of Duty: Strike Team Gets Optimized For iPhone 5s Through First Update

Call of Duty: Strike Team has just locked and loaded its first ever update.

Surprise Attack! Activision Deploys Call Of Duty: Strike Team In The App Store

Activision has today released a brand new game in its hugely popular Call of Duty series.

New Skylanders, Companions And Features Arrive In Skylanders Lost Islands

Skylanders Lost Islands, the soaringly popular builder game published by Activision, has received another significant update.

Skylanders Lost Islands Welcomes New Companions With Unique Gameplay Perks

Skylanders Lost Islands has just received another update that's chock-full of Companions.

Skylanders Lost Islands Adds Social Features And Cloud Saving

You no longer have to feel "lost" when you play Skylanders Lost Islands, thanks to its new update.

Feel The Relic Rush And Fall For The Endless Running Action Of Pitfall!

It seems that Activision's Pitfall! for iOS is really out to give Imangi Studios' Temple Run a run for its money.