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adobe revel

Adobe's Revel, formerly Carousel, will soon be no more

Adobe has some bad news for Revel users. The transition to Lightroom isn't imminent, but it's coming.

Users Of Adobe Revel Can Now Store Up To 2GB Of Photos And Videos

Version 2.3 also brings a few tweaks to make the app easier to use.

Adobe Revel Adds Support For Unlimited Shared Libraries, RAW File Format And More

The official iOS app of Adobe Revel has just been updated with further enhancements.

Adobe Revel Gains Support For Videos With New Auto-Import And Sharing Options

Now, Adobe Revel not only syncs photos across iDevices and computers, but videos as well.

Will You Revel In The New Features Of Adobe Revel?

Sporting an updated UI, the new version of Adobe Revel includes the ability to create photo albums and share private Web albums on

iWake With AppAdvice For Thursday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. Have a listen ...