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adventure game

Treasure Dash will have your kids bouncing, for real

Travel the land, collect coins, and slay enemies as your body moves your character in this fun new gaming adventure.

There’s nothing quite like a ‘Red Game Without A Great Name’

Teleport your mechanical bird through a crazy, red world.

Prepare to create your ‘superteam’ in DC Comics Legends

Time is growing near for your favorite superheroes to appear once again.

You can finally go back in Sorcery! and Sorcery! 2

Rewind where you went wrong with some nice game updates.

New mobile strategy game Lara Croft Go announced

With the same type of gameplay as Hitman Go, this new game will have fans excited for its launch.

Prepare to dodge asteroids in the upcoming Space Bungee game

Avoid space rocks and travel to new frontiers in this new adventure game coming to iOS.

Steal some loot and sneak through streets in Robbery Bob 2

Help your favorite burglar out of more predicaments in this fun follow-up game.

Only for Apple Watch, Runeblade takes you on a magical journey to save the world

Embark on a great adventure with this magical game for your watch.

Embark on a mysterious journey to find your lost love in Burn It Down

Puzzles, pixel graphics, and a love story are rolled into one entertaining new game.

Wacky new adventure game Adaline makes its debut

The new adventure game Adaline takes you to a pizza place in the woods and lets you toss cats at wolves.

Set sail on a grand adventure in Seabeard, a beautiful Animal Crossing-style game

Seabeard has finally landed on the App Store. Was it worth the wait?

Save the kingdom from armies of monsters as the BattleMage in this side-scrolling RPG adventure

It's up to you to save this kingdom and the villagers in BattleMage, a fun and action-packed side-scrolling RPG.

Journey through a magical world in Phantom Rift, inspired by Mega Man Battle Network

Will you be charmed by the magical spell of this challenging strategic RPG game?

Get ready to lift a Super Heavy Sword and save the day in this new platformer game

Do you have what it takes to rescue the King's five kids? Find out in this challenging retro platformer.

Traps n' Gemstones is a Metroidvania game you don't want to miss

Outwit your foes and recover lost relics in this awesome new Metroidvania-style game.

Walkr lets you build your own galaxy one step at a time

Walkr is a fun mix of pedometer and simulation game to keep you motivated and active.

It's Time To Hone Your Hunting Skills With Monster Hunter Freedom Unite On iOS

It's time to earn your keep with the best armor and weapons in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Regain Your Powers And Stop Mojo Jojo Before Bedtime In Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville

You can enjoy Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville whether you're a fan of the cartoon or not.

Defy All Physics And Logic As You Journey Through Monument Valley

The latest game from ustwo, makers of Whale Trail, provides a delightfully unique puzzle experience for everyone.

How Far Can You Get In The Roguelike Quest Of Dungeons?

If you're looking for a challenging dungeon crawler with permadeath to play this weekend, you will want to add this game to your collection.

Quirky App Of The Day: Tiny Hoarders Helps You To Build A Collection

Try to gather the largest hoard by picking up any item you see.

Take A Ride Into The Mountains And Fight The Forces Of Darkness

This gorgeous, pixelated archery game is a definite keeper.

Here's Your Chance To Win Nameless: The Hackers Or A $25 iTunes Gift Card

Enter for a chance to win a copy of Nameless: The Hackers or up to $25 in iTunes Store credit by sharing this contest.