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adventure game

Become a master of the Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

After a long wait, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is finally available worldwide and could hold you over until the release of Kingdom Hearts III.

Love You To Bits is an endearing point-and-click puzzle adventure

Uncover the story behind a clumsy space explorer and his adorable robot girlfriend in Love You To Bits.

Try your luck in the challenging Tower of Fortune 3

Tower of Fortune 3 has landed, but how does it compare to the previous two games?

Explore a mystical world from a cardboard box in Sky Chasers

Embark on a great adventure with puzzles and danger around every corner.

Explore the galaxy and save the sun in Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure

Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure is a fantastic platforming adventure that should not be missed.

Epic adventure Oceanhorn receives improvements for iPad Pro

A grand update to this engaging adventure is good news for iPad Pro and Apple TV owners.

Help Molly deliver gifts to Grandma in Brave & Little Adventure

Relive the classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood in a fun point-and-click puzzle adventure game.

Kung Fu Panda slashes its way onto the China App Store

A new battle adventure with Po the panda has arrived in China.

Good news, Telltale’s Game of Thrones will bring season two

Catch up now so you can be ready for season two of this episodic game series.

Dig, explore and collect stars in Starlit Adventures

Keep the whole family entertained this weekend with Starlit Adventures, a fun adventure platformer puzzle game.

A preview of Minecraft: Story Mode episode 3 is coming

Get ready for a sneak peek at the next episode in this decision-making adventure game.

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey is a beautiful and captivating JRPG

Dive into the beautiful world of Orcanon in this JRPG adventure.

Explore dungeons and rack up points in Tiny Rogue

Tiny Rogue is the latest turn-based roguelike from Ravenous Games.

How many can you rescue Five Minutes Before the world ends?

Get ready for an immersive, save and rescue mission in this upcoming futuristic flyer.

Lumino City is a captivating puzzle adventure

Lumino City is one of the most unique games you'll play this year.

Treasure Dash will have your kids bouncing, for real

Travel the land, collect coins, and slay enemies as your body moves your character in this fun new gaming adventure.

There’s nothing quite like a ‘Red Game Without A Great Name’

Teleport your mechanical bird through a crazy, red world.

Prepare to create your ‘superteam’ in DC Comics Legends

Time is growing near for your favorite superheroes to appear once again.

You can finally go back in Sorcery! and Sorcery! 2

Rewind where you went wrong with some nice game updates.

New mobile strategy game Lara Croft Go announced

With the same type of gameplay as Hitman Go, this new game will have fans excited for its launch.

Prepare to dodge asteroids in the upcoming Space Bungee game

Avoid space rocks and travel to new frontiers in this new adventure game coming to iOS.

Steal some loot and sneak through streets in Robbery Bob 2

Help your favorite burglar out of more predicaments in this fun follow-up game.

Only for Apple Watch, Runeblade takes you on a magical journey to save the world

Embark on a great adventure with this magical game for your watch.

Embark on a mysterious journey to find your lost love in Burn It Down

Puzzles, pixel graphics, and a love story are rolled into one entertaining new game.