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Apple's latest ad hits in two parts during MTV awards show

Apple Music's latest advertising spots aired during the MTV VMAs, with an unusual twist at the beginning.

Microsoft targets Apple's MacBook Air with 3 new Surface ads

This time, Microsoft's latest ads are bashing Cupertino's MacBook Air.

Bentley's Latest Ad Was Shot On An iPhone 5s, Edited On Apple's iPad Air

Car maker Bentley turned to iOS devices when it came to filming its latest advertisement.

Apple's Latest 'Powerful' iPhone Ad Focuses On Its Flagship iPhone 5s

Apple has launched a new advertisement for its iPhone 5s handset.

Apple Brings A Handful Of Colorful iPhone 5c Ads To Tumblr

Apple's latest iPhone 5c ad campaign has appeared at Tumblr.

Amazon's New Kindle Fire HDX Ad Mocks None Other Than Jony Ive

Amazon has mocked Apple in another Kindle Fire HDX ad.

Nokia's New Lumia 2520 Ad Challenges The iPad Over Its Lack Of A Keyboard

Nokia is taking aim at Apple's iPad Air in its latest ad.

A7 Chip Takes Center Stage In Apple's Latest iPhone 5s Magazine Ads

In a new magazine cover advertisement, Apple shows off its impressive A7 processor.

Apple's Latest Billboard Campaign Focuses On Its Colorful iPhone 5c

Color is the dish of the day in Apple's latest round of iPhone 5c advertisements.

Apple Updates iAd Producer, Adds iTunes Radio Ad Creation Option

Apple is allowing developers to create their own ads for iTunes Radio using iAd Producer.

Apple Airs New ‘FaceTime Every Day’ Television Ad

Check out Apple's new FaceTime television ad.

Classic Apple Ads From The 1980s Surface Online

If you're a fan of classic Apple TV advertisements, we have some good news.

Two Impressive Apple Ads Are Now Available To View Online

Apple has uploaded two brand new ads to its YouTube channel.

Microsoft Launches Siri-Bashing TV Ad For Windows 8-Powered Tablets

Microsoft takes aim at Apple's iPad in its latest Windows 8 tablet TV ad.

Unaired 1983 Commercial Proves Apple Ads Have Come Full Circle

This old Apple commercial is almost as bad as the new ones.

New iPad Ad: "How We Do All This Will Never Be The Same"

Just a few weeks since the last one was released, this morning Apple has begun airing a new iPad ad for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully the ad will help convert the few iPad-reticent people that might be remaining.

Amazon Opens The Doors (Floodgates?) To Pervasive Ad-Based Mobile Consumer Tech

Encouraged by the unlikely success of Amazon's cheapest Kindle, other ad-based mobiles may not be far behind.

New iPad Ad Hits The Web - "Now"

Apple's new iPad TV ad is rather good: Like every other advertisement we've seen so far, this one outlines some of the iPad's key features, like its newspaper and magazine reading capabilities, its "big screen" and FaceTime.

Toyota Pulls Out From Cydia - Struck By Apple's Lightning

We hear from time to time about apps that escaped Apple's approval process by going to Cydia, and selling to jailbroken users. Yet, if you're big company like Toyota, it might not be that simple to pull it off, not to say naive. Following yesterday's various reports about their jailbreak-only campaign on Cydia, Toyota is now pulling the plug on the project, and Apple might just be the reason.

Jailbreak-Only: The Next Hype In Mobile Advertising

There was Google with Admob, then Apple with iAds, is Cydia the next mobile advertising platform? Toyota is pioneering the movement, and there might be more to come.

Apple Airs New Dual AT&T & Verizon iPhone Ad - Shows It's More Of The Same

Following Verizon just a few days ago, Apple has now also taken its turn to promote the iPhone's new multi-carrier availability. The message is clear; it's just more of the exact same thing.

Apple Airs New iPhone 4 Ad - Focuses on the Retina Display

After finally bringing its FaceTime advertisements to the rest of the world, Apple has just begun a new ad campaign for the iPhone 4 in the US.

Apple Releases New iPad Ad: iPad Is Musical

This morning, Apple released (on its YouTube channel), a brand new ad for the iPad. This one is called "iPad is Musical."