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"Newsbits" Is A Little Bit News, A Little Bit Looks, A Little Bit Free

"Newsbit" is a solid little news aggregator with clean stylings and fun navigational mechanics.

Review: Slide Reader for iPad - Features, Customization and... Competition

Slide Reader is a feature packed RSS reader that beautifully presents your content while enabling customization but can they keep up with similar, socially integrated apps?

Say Hello To Flipboard: The Social Aggregator

The app making the headlines today is called Flipboard. It's nothing short of awesome, it's iPad-only, and it will surely make your iPad even more a jewel.

iDygest Aggregates Apple News In Your Pocket

If you like to keep tabs on everything Apple, you know it can be a lot of work. Indeed, from apps, to rumors and other analyst inventions, there are tons of articles to skim through and depending on your fanboyism, it can become too much. Now, there is an app for that.

Elegant Pulse News Reader Takes On The App Store

If your news comes in RSS feeds, an interesting new aggregator for the iPad made its way to the App Store today. It's called Pulse and it looks great.