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Bowers & Wilkins unveils an updated version of its iconic Zeppelin speaker

The new Zeppelin Wireless features Apple’s Airplay technology for iOS devices and the Mac.

TiVo users rejoice as AirPlay mirroring finally arrives

A long-awaited feature has arrived on the TiVo app.

This smart bulb gives new meaning to the term light music

This lightbulb takes a special twist on brightening your day.

Apple's 'Misunderstood' TV ad for iPhone 5s wins Emmy for Outstanding Commercial

Apple has just won an Emmy award for Outstanding Commercial for its holiday-themed TV ad for the iPhone 5s.

AirServer, The Desktop AirPlay Receiver, Gets A Big Update For Windows Users

AirServer users can now record AirPlay Mirroring sessions from a PC.

Peer-To-Peer AirPlay Arrives On iOS 8, Apple TV

In iOS 8, users can broadcast to an Apple TV even without being connected to a network. This means you can share your work even if you're offline or the organization has a complex network.

The NBC App For iOS Now Offers AirPlay Streaming To Apple TV

U.S. residents can now stream free NBC content on an Apple TV.

As Of Its 6.1 Update, Apple TV Can Search For AirPlay Over Bluetooth

Apple has made it easier for I.T. administrators to use the Apple TV as a replacement projector.

OS X 10.9.2 Has Broken AirPlay For Some Users

Don't be surprised if AirPlay isn't working properly under OS X 10.9.2.

Pocket Adds AirPlay Support, Allowing You To Stream Collected Videos To Apple TV

Pocket, the read it later app, now includes AirPlay support for videos.

AirWeb For Apple TV Can Add A Browser To Your Set-Top Box

AirWeb can add a Web browsing experience to Apple's set-top box.

Apple Debuts Heartwarming Holiday-Themed Ad Featuring iPhone 5s And AirPlay

As it's given to do at this time of year, Apple has just debuted a new holiday-themed TV ad highlighting at least one of its top products.

New App Enables AirPlay Mirroring For Android Devices

This new Android app allows you to mirror your device's screen to Apple TV.

How You Can AirPlay Music To An Unsupported Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

In this article, we explain how you can AirPlay content to an unsupported speaker.

Software Beta For Apple TV Also Launches, Improves AirPlay Mirroring

Apple has also released beta software for its Apple TV.

Super! Netflix Now Supports HD And AirPlay Streaming On iOS 7

Netflix for iOS has just been updated to support HD and AirPlay streaming on iOS 7.

The Auris Skye Brings AirPlay Support To Older 30-Pin Music Docks

Seeking funding now on Kickstarter, an optional cable can also add the Wi-Fi music streaming capability to any speaker with an AUX jack.

Apple To Update Its Apple TV With Impressive AirPlay Feature On Sept. 18

According to a new report, iOS 7 won't be the only software Apple releases on Sept. 18.

Spotify Announces New AirPlay-Like 'Spotify Connect' Streaming Service

Spotify Connect is a forthcoming wireless music streaming service set to take on the likes of Apple's AirPlay.

Apple's 'iOS In The Car' Could Connect Wirelessly, iOS 7 Suggests

Apple's anticipated "iOS in the Car" feature could connect iDevices to cars using both AirPlay and Wi-Fi, as well as USB.

Draw Team Brings Together Social Gaming On The iPad And Apple TV

The free app plays like a modern version of Pictionary or other classic word guessing games.

While Many Users Are Aware Of AirPlay, Only A Few Are Actually Using It

Even though a recent study shows that AirPlay is the most well-known screen mirroring technology, Apple has a long way to go to make it mainstream.