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Google Updates Chrome for iOS, Adds Full Screen Browsing For iPhone, AirPrint Support

Chrome for iOS now makes Web browsing a quarter of an inch bigger on your iPhone’s screen.

This Week In Accessories: Holiday Gift Ideas For iPad Owners

Any iPad owner would love to have one of these nine gifts under their tree this holiday season.

iWake With AppAdvice For Tuesday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. Have a listen ...

Canon Introduces New Printers That Support Apple’s AirPrint

Limited printing capabilities from iOS devices, especially with the iPad, has been a sore spot with users. Canon hopes to make life a little easier by introducing new models that will support Apple’s AirPrint. This feature allows users to print wirelessly from their mobile iOS devices without installing printer drivers.

More Printers Now Have Full AirPrint Support

Great news for some HP printer owners as the company has expanded the number of its printers that work with Apple’s AirPrint feature. The number of printers compatible with the service has jumped by eight, according to HP's official AirPrint site.

New AppGuide: Printer Apps

If you have a printer that is not AirPrint friendly, getting a file to print from your iPad can be a hassle. There are many apps to help you with this task. This AppGuide will give you the best apps to print various files from your non-AirPrint printer.

iBooks Updated: Adds Collections, Illustrations, And AirPrint

Apple’s iBooks application has recently been updated, and now includes illustrations, AirPrint support, and collections (similar to folders for e-books). Read on to find out more ...

AirPrint: Printing Made Easy On Your iPad - The Ultimate How To

Printing from the iPad is easy with AirPrint, but is it really as easy as Apple boasts? Only if you have the right printer. But which is the right printer? And once you get it installed how do you print? Well stop worrying, and just sit back, relax and grab your iPad for some notes, because I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about AirPrint.

ReaddleDocs 1.7 for iPad - iOS 4.2 Ready

ReaddleDocs is a popular app to access files on your iPad. The latest update adds a Number of iOS 4.2 enhancements. The update also brings some new features ...

New "iPad Is Amazing" Ad Shows Off AirPlay, AirPrint, And Multitasking

Apple has recently aired a new iPad TV commercial, dubbed "iPad is Amazing." The ad shows off the key features of iOS 4.2: AirPlay, AirPrint, and multitasking. Read on to find out more, and to view the ad ...

New AppList: AirPrint Enabled Apps

AirPrint is a great feature allowing apps to print to physical printers on the local network or virtual printers through Mac plugins like Printopia. Many built in apps already support this including: Safari, Mail, and Photos. Developers are hard at work to support this new functionality. Here are the apps that are AirPrint enabled …

Printopia Adds Some Cool New Functionality To AirPrint

Recently we told you how to return AirPrint functionality to the Mac. Now it seems that Apple's pulling of official support may be a good thing after all. Ecamm may not have created Printopia if AirPrint worked right out of the box ...

How To: Enable AirPrint On Your iPhone 3G Or iPod Touch 2G

According to a recent report, a simple jailbreak using redsn0w can activate AirPrint on your iPhone 3G/iPod touch 2G device. Read on to find out more ...

Jobs: "Lots More Coming Soon" To AirPrint

Not happy about AirPrint's limitations? You are not alone. Read more ...

Talk About A Mobile Office: AirPrint To The Rescue

With the release of iOS 4.2.1 yesterday, including Apple's AirPrint technology, a new era has begun. The iOS community seems to be on the verge of yet another app race, and this time it's all about who can get out the AirPrint-capable app the fastest.

Enable One Click Mac AirPrinting

A clever developer has written an app called “AirPrint Hacktivator.” The Mac application enables AirPrint on a Mac with a single click ...

No Shared AirPrint In Mac OS 10.6.5? Here Is How To Add It Back

Apple released the final version of 10.6.5 yesterday. Those that installed the update and had iOS 4.2 installed noticed AirPrint was not working ...

Unconfirmed: Apple Cancels Major AirPrint Functionality

Right now iOS 4.2, is in it's GM version, and is almost ready to ship, but there are still some little things missing. For one, there is the video part of AirPlay, which nobody has seen yet. Then, there is AirPrint.

OmniGraffle 1.4 Is Out And It's iOS 4.2 Ready!

A big update for OmniGraffle is now out and ready for download. OmniGraffle was one of the original iPad apps launched back in April. It is a great tool for organizing thoughts visually. OmniGraffle 1.4 is now fully iOS 4.2 optimized ...

No AirPrint & AirPlay For Legacy iDevices

Apple has recently updated its website and deleted the iPod touch 2G from the list of devices that will support AirPrint. AirPrint will only work on devices that can multitask. Therefore, you won't be able to print directly from your iPod touch 2G natively, and it's the same story for the iPhone 3G.

Video: AirPrint Shown Off In All Its Simplicity

Last night Apple debuted, along with the iOS 4.2 Beta 1, its new AirPrint feature. AirPrint will let you print from your iOS devices and their apps over the air to either shared or AirPrint-enabled printers. Check it out.