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alarm clock apps

Understand your slumber better with the now-free Sleep Cycle

This popular sleep tracking and alarm clock app has an innovative new feature and has gone free.

Take a PowerNap with Cleu for Apple Watch

Cleu's Apple Watch extension lets you access the app's PowerNap function right from your wrist.

Wake up to a new kind of adventure with the 'alarm clock RPG' Dreeps for iOS

Do you like role-playing games but don’t have time to play them?

Social alarm clock app Wakie wakes you up with calls from friendly strangers

It's time for iOS device users to be awakened to the prospect of getting woken up in the morning by strangers.

Hey, lazybones! Carrot To-Do and Carrot Alarm have some neat new stuff just for you

Carrot the cheeky AI has some new stuff for all of you lazybones and meatbags out there.

Wake up to a better alarm every morning with Alrm Clock

Get that extra push you need every morning with this beautiful new alarm clock app.

Rise Alarm Clock Updated With More Features, Refinements ... And Crashing Issues?

Rise Alarm Clock has just received another notable update.

Rise App Updated With Alarm Control Center Enhancements And Other Tweaks

Just a few days after its last update, the popular Rise Alarm Clock has received another one.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Gains M7 Support, Integrated Heart Rate Monitor And More

The popular sleeping aid and alarm clock app Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock has just been updated with a couple of new major features along with several notable improvements.

Wake Up To The New iOS 7-Optimized Version Of Rise, Now With Multiple Alarms

Rise and shine, sleepyhead! Rise Alarm Clock has just been updated and redesigned for iOS 7.

Living Earth 3.0 Features iOS 7 Redesign And Optimizations Plus Other Enhancements

Living Earth has just been updated and redesigned for iOS 7.

Grailr Launches Reverse To-Do App Recur!, Updates Carrot To-Do And Carrot Alarm

The developer behind the cheeky productivity apps Carrot To-Do and Carrot Alarm has released another iOS app in the form of Recur!.

Rise And Shine: The Gorgeous Rise Alarm Clock Is Apple's Free App Of The Week

The beautiful Rise Alarm Clock has just gone free for the first time.

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock 4.0 Features iOS 7-Ready Interface Overhaul

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock has just been updated to version 4.0.

Rise Alarm Clock Gains More Gestures And Features In Latest Update

Rise Alarm Clock has once again emerged with a significant update.

New Living Earth Update Brings iCloud Syncing, Improved Graphics And More

Living Earth, the popular world time and weather app for iPhone and iPad, has received another noteworthy update.

All Rise For Rise Alarm Clock's Big 2.0 Update

Just over a month after its launch in the App Store, Rise Alarm Clock has now received its big two-dot-oh update.

Rise And Shine To Rise Alarm Clock's First Ever Update

Rise Alarm Clock developer Simplebots has just risen to the occasion and pushed the first update to its emergent alarm clock app.

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock 3.0 Shakes Things Up With New Social Wake Up Experience

You can now wake and shake with your friends using the latest version of the popular "merciless" alarm clock Wake N Shake.

You'll Soon Stop Snoozin' Once You Start Usin' iSleepin

The debut app from Everlasting Applications, iSleepin is a neat, new alarm clock app that helps ensure you wake up on time through a series of challenging games.