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Apple’s App Store Leads, But Each Of The Big Three Could Be Improved

A new survey says Apple could do a better job at promoting apps in the App Store.

Apple Drops ‘App Store’ Suit Against Amazon

Both companies are now free to use the term.

Amazon And Apple Still Fighting Over The Term 'App Store'

Unless a resolution happens first, Amazon and Apple will meet in court to resolve dispute over the term "app store."

Amazon Asks Court To Reject Apple's Claim Over 'App Store' Name ... Again

It appears that the latest episode in the continuing Apple App Store vs. Amazon Appstore saga has already emerged.

Bad News, Apple: Judge Sides With Amazon, Rejects Injunction Against "Appstore"

Last night brought bad news for the guys in Cupertino, CA: According to Dan Levine of Reuters (citing a court document), a U.S. judge has rejected the preliminary injunction Apple recently filed against Amazon. The disagreement, as I'm sure you remember, revolves around the recently launched Amazon Appstore.

Credit Where Credit Is Due: Apple Created "Apps" And The "App Store"

Apple is getting the short end of the stick in its "App Store" suit.

The 'Appstore' Lawsuit: Apple is Just Plain Wrong And The Judge Agrees

It's probably time for Apple to suck it up and accept Amazon's Appstore for Android. This appears to be the assessment of the judge in charge of Apple’s lawsuit against Amazon over the use of the term.

Apple's New Policy Might Keep iOS "Kindle" App Going, But Amazon's Tablet Plans Could Be Affected

Amazon might have to reconsider their tablet approach with Apple's revised in-app policy.

Apple: Amazon’s Appstore Is ‘Inferior’

The war of words between Apple and Amazon just got nastier. In a new court filling, Apple calls Amazon’s Appstore for Android “inferior," according to Computerworld.

Amazon: Android's Only Hope For Relevance, Apple's Only Competition

Apple is the king of mobile devices, and Amazon only wants to hold a candle. I think they'll perform that duty well enough.

Amazon Cites Steve Jobs To Have Apple's 'App Store' Lawsuit Thrown Out today officially responded to Apple’s lawsuit over the name “app store.” Calling the March 18 court filing baseless, the online retailer is using Steve Jobs’ own words to get the case thrown out, in news first reported by GeekWire.

Apple Could Learn One Thing From Amazon Appstore

The recently unwrapped Android-based Appstore includes one feature quite extraordinary: Test Drive, which allows customers to play an app before actually buying it. However, Test Drive is much more than an app playground: it could change how iOS customers purchase their apps in the future; or at least it should.