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Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Launches Prime Music For Subscribers, Updates Its Cloud Player iOS App

Amazon has just launched its own music streaming solution for Prime members.

Amazon Cloud Player For iOS Is Now Integrated With BMW And MINI Connected Vehicles

If you own a BMW or MINI connected vehicle made after 2011, you'll definitely want to check out Amazon Cloud Player for iOS.

Amazon Is Now Playing On Apple's Turf As It Releases A Standalone Music App For Mac

You can now enjoy music from Amazon's Cloud Player using a standalone Mac application.

Amazon Cloud Player Updated With Ford Sync AppLink Integration

It's Amazon Cloud Player's turn to be equipped with Ford SYNC AppLink integration.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: The Music Edition

A lot happened last week, with much centered on music.

Amazon Cloud Player Updated With Native iPad Support Plus New Interface

Amazon Cloud Player has finally landed as a native app on the iPad.

Watch Out Apple: Amazon Launches A Web-Based Music Store For iPhone Owners

Amazon has once again jumped on Apple's turf. This time, the largest online retailer in the world is making it easier for users to buy and download music onto their iPhone/iPod touch.

Amazon’s AutoRip CD Service Could Be A Game Changer Apple Can Do Nothing About

Amazon is offering an incredible deal for past and future CD buyers.

Hear That Apple? Google Music Now Matches Our Songs For Absolutely Nothing

Google just gave iOS device owners an iTunes Match alternative that will cost us absolutely nothing.

Amazon Cloud Player Brings Your Music From The Cloud Straight To Your iDevice

Over a year after launching Cloud Player, Amazon has finally released an official iOS app for the much vaunted digital music locker service.

Amazon Is Working To Push iCloud Out Of The Way With New Cloud Drive Policies

Newly released features of Amazon's Cloud Drive make it bigger and better for those hoping for music on the go.

Best Buy Jumps On The Bandwagon, Unveils Its Own Cloud Music Service

Hot on the heels of Amazon, Google and Apple, Best Buy has just unveiled its own cloud-based music service, called "Best Buy Music Cloud" (which is powered by Play Anywhere).

Is iCloud Really Better Than Other Services? Not Entirely

With Apple finally unveiling its iCloud system, it’s time to compare its features with those of the competition. In most respects, Apple’s service far and ahead beats Amazon’s Cloud Player and Google’s Music Beta. However, it isn't perfect.

Amazon: Android's Only Hope For Relevance, Apple's Only Competition

Apple is the king of mobile devices, and Amazon only wants to hold a candle. I think they'll perform that duty well enough.

Amazon Cloud Player Now Compatible With iOS

Amazon's recently launched Cloud Player service, which allows users to stream music from "the cloud" to their computer, now appears to support iOS devices.