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Amazon Kindle

You can soon order Apple products from your wrist

The Apple Store app is coming to Apple Watch.

‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ is now available through the iBooks Store, Amazon

The new unauthorized biography of the late Apple co-founder is now available to buy.

Amazon serves up a nice update to its Kindle app with Goodreads integration and more

Version 4.6 is also highlighted by a new Book Browser mode for the iPad/iPad mini.

Amazon’s Kindle app updated with features to make syncing and navigation easier

Version 4.4 also offers a Wikipedia Smart Lookup feature.

Amazon Begins Handing Out Kindle E-Book Settlement Credits

The online retailer is handing out $166 million in refunds to settle an e-book price fixing case.

Samsung's Latest Galaxy Tab Pro Ad Hits All The Right Notes As It Goes After Other Tablets

The newest Samsung ad goes after Apple's iPad, the Microsoft Surface, and Amazon's Kindle tablets.

Amazon Updates Kindle App To Bring New Features For Students And Readers

Version 4.1 makes it easier to filter bookmarks, notes, and highlights.

Amazon Hits Apple's Newest iPad With A 'Lighter Than Air' Ad

The Kindle Fire HDX maker has posted a new ad that goes after Apple's new iPad Air.

Amazon’s Kindle App Features A Beautiful New Design To Compliment iOS 7

Version 4.0 of the app also brings a collections feature for readers to easily categorize their content.

Readers Can Now Download Free Book Samples Directly Through Amazon’s Kindle App

Version 3.9 also allows users to import a previously purchased dictionary.

Kindle For iOS Update Brings New Line Spacing Options

Version 3.8 of the app also allows readers to highlight text that spans multiple pages.

The iPad Mini And Its Likely Competitors: Prices And Specs That May Work

AppAdvice takes a look at the long-rumored iPad Mini and how it might compares to other compact tablets on the market.

Is Walmart Making Room For The iPad Mini?

Just months after Target stopped selling Amazon's e-book readers and tablets, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has followed suit.

Amazon Updates Kindle App To Take Advantage Of Retina Display

Just in time for the new iPad's launch tomorrow, Amazon has updated its Kindle app to take advantage of the tablet's Retina display.

Amazon's iPad Kindle Store An Easier Way To eShop For eBooks

Amazon makes shopping for ebooks easier with its new iPad web app.

Watch Out Apple, Amazon Tablet Is "Going To Be A Big Deal"

The Amazon Tablet is very real, according to TechCrunch. Now, let the real tablet wars begin.

Physical, Printed Media Is Dying (And It Has Nothing To Do With Pricing Or Availability)

The clock is ticking for traditional printers and publishers, but it isn't because digital's cheaper or faster.

Amazon Opens The Doors (Floodgates?) To Pervasive Ad-Based Mobile Consumer Tech

Encouraged by the unlikely success of Amazon's cheapest Kindle, other ad-based mobiles may not be far behind.

Apple's New Policy Might Keep iOS "Kindle" App Going, But Amazon's Tablet Plans Could Be Affected

Amazon might have to reconsider their tablet approach with Apple's revised in-app policy.

Amazon: Android's Only Hope For Relevance, Apple's Only Competition

Apple is the king of mobile devices, and Amazon only wants to hold a candle. I think they'll perform that duty well enough.

Kindle For Mac: Available Now On The Mac App Store

Amazon’s Kindle for Mac application is now available to download via the Mac App Store. The free app allows Kindle fans to access their personal e-book library from their Mac computer.

JP Morgan: 40 Percent Of iPad Owners Also Have A Kindle

According to a recent survey by JP Morgan, 40 percent of iPad owners also have a Kindle. Does this mean the iPad is a poor e-book reader? Or, does this prove that Amazon's Kindle marketing has worked well?

Google Books Available Now - Haven't We Read This One Before?

Google Books for iOS is now available to download for free in the App Store. Read on to find out more ...

Kindle App Improved, Brings Audio And Video Content To eBooks

Amazon has just released Kindle Editions, a new way of reading that uses audio and video embedded within the eBook to enhance the experience.