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It's not always easy being more animal-friendly. This is a list of many vegan and vegetarian aids: from recipes to information on which products are tested on animals. You'd be surprised at the resources for vegans and vegetarians that are out there, and even more surprised at how many apps can help make an animal-friendly lifestyle both easy and enjoyable.

Jamie Young

New AppList: PETA-Approved Apps For Animal Lovers

PETA has been looking out for animals for many years. In addition to their website,, they also have an app. They also recommend a number of other apps for animal lovers. Whether you are a pet owner, a vegan, or simply interested in cruelty-free products, you'll find some useful apps in this AppList, which was compiled by the folks at PETA.

Karen Freeman

If you are a zoo keeper or love examining animals, you should enjoy the new puzzle game, Getting Jiggy, from developer Joe Pitto. The game focuses on figuring out what animal is being built slowly through jigsaw pieces before it is completed.

Mike Lata

Game For Cats - An iPad App For Your Feline Friend

Game for Cats, an application for the iPad, does exactly what it claims to. If you own an iPad, and a cat, then you need to download this free app - because it can provide both of you with hours of fun. Read on to find out more ...

Joe White

New AppList: The Best Nature Field Guides

Go hiking, camping, canoeing, backpacking, or stargazing without dragging 150 pounds of nature guides behind you. With these excellent field guides on your iPhone or other iDevice, you'll have everything you need to observe birds, mammals, fish, insects, trees, rocks, stars, and flowers right in your pocket, without the bulk.

Eric Bodrero