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Efexio Now Includes Awesome Animations From Famed Tippett Studio

Efexio lets you add special effects to your own videos and photos.

Become The Next Walt Disney With The Animator's Survival Kit For iPad

Become an animator from one of the best with The Animator's Survival Kit for iPad.

App Synergy: How To Synergize Your Stop Motion Video

This app synergy article spotlights a video, which was made with 15 different apps.

Procreate Used To Design Music Video: You Need To See This

A tight budget inspires an animator to rely on an iPad with amazing results.

Weatherwise: Weather With Personality

Weatherwise is a visually stunning, free, and universal weather app. Its weather functionality is fairly basic, but if you just want the forecast up to five days out, plus an hourly forecast, wrapped in a unique package, then Weatherwise is worth a look.

Flickbooks Lets You Turn Your Videos Into Flipbooks

Remember those animated flipbooks you made as a kid, by drawing a little character in the corner of a book, in a slightly different position, page after page? Then you would flip the pages and see your animation come to life? Well, now you can do that with your favorite video!

GifBoom Explodes Animated Image Sharing Onto Your iPhone

GifBoom makes it easy to create your own animated masterpieces using nothing but an iPhone and your own imagination.

AppGuide Updated: Animation Apps For The iPad

The animation process has gone thorough several stages in history. It began with simple drawings and then moved over to desktop software. Now animation is in another stage, one that fits on the sleek form factor of the iPad. We have updated this AppGuide to feature Animation Desk, an app with awesome functionality and a beautiful interface as well.

New AppGuide: Animation Apps For The iPad

The iPad allows you to create your own animation based films. There are many apps available to help you accomplish this. These apps could help you become the next creator of a famous animation like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. We will sort out the best ones in this AppGuide.

GIFVid: A Fun Animation App For The iPhone

GIFVid is a new, fun photo application for the iPhone, which allows users to glue a series of photos together and create an animation. The app is currently available to download for $1.99.

Access Flash Sites With Cloud Browse

Want to view flash enabled sites on your iPhone? There's an app for that (for now). Cloud Browse gives you access to sites that are otherwise off limits by providing remote access to a flash enabled desktop computer.