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Anime Themed Tower Defense Game On Sale For Over 60 Percent Off, Plus A Special Present

Fantasy Defense HD is a universal tower defense game with an anime twist. Defend the Hero’s Gate from oncoming monsters using well-endowed wizards and winged archers with blue hair. If you love tower defense games, this is another to add to your collection. Get it now, while it is on sale.

Love Anime, Robots And Science Fiction? We’ve Got Your Game

Space Frontier is a universal Sims style city construction game for fans of outer space, robots and anime. If you like sassy “fembots,” space-themed neighborhoods and controlling the housing market, this game will make your geeky dreams come true.

Slay Demons And Earn Your Wings With ShootingDemon — Plus Win A Copy!

Oh, no! Demons are attacking the Earth! Play as the angel, Formil, as you try to save mankind in this new shooter game.

Square-Enix Unveils Teaser Of Upcoming Game

A new teaser has popped up that shows an upcoming game by Square-Enix is headed for the iPhone and iPad. No word yet on the title or what type of game it will be.

Review: Annie's Wild Shot

A Japanese Anime mixed with a spaghetti western? Can it be true? Is it any good? Click on the link to find out more...