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Antenna Issue

iPad 2 "Antennagate" Proving A Nuisance To Select Few

Some iPad 2s are exhibiting antenna problems, but design is probably not to be blamed this time around.

Rival Smartphone Videos Disappear From Apple's Antenna Page

Apple has just modified its antenna page, removing the demo videos that had upset so many rival companies. Read on to find out more...

Apple Case Program: Some Cases Now Shipping!

If you've ordered a free case through Apple's Case Program, be sure to keep an eye on your inbox - you might just find an email stating your delivery date is quite a bit earlier than expected!

Droid X Now Named And Shamed On Apple's Antenna Page

Apple has added yet another handset to its "antenna issue" Hall of Fame - the latest being the Motorola Droid X. Read on to find out more.

Experts Predict iPhone 4 Recall, Needed To Save Apple's "Brand Image"?

A group of crisis communication experts have commented on the iPhone 4 antenna issue fiasco, with one stating that a recall will happen. Read on to find out more, and let us know what you think!

Consumer Reports Tells Us iPhone 4 Is Best On The Market But, Don't Buy It

Despite Consumer Reports' announcement that they "can't recommend" the iPhone 4, the site has granted the handset super-high marks, labelling it the best on the market.

iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Confirmed By Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has announced that it "can't recommend the iPhone 4" due to the well-reported antenna issue that has affected a great many users. Read on to find out more about the report, including an inexpensive fix!

Remember, iPhone 3GS Also Has Antenna Issues

One AppAdvice reader has reminded us that the iPhone 4 "death grip" is nothing new, and that it affected last year's 3GS. To back up his point, he's even posted a YouTube video demonstrating how his iPhone 3GS copes while under the "death grip". Read on to find out more and view the video!

iPhone Antenna Issue: Video Evidence With Real Numbers

A new video has appeared on the net examining how the now-infamous iPhone 4 "death grip" destroys reception. Read on to check out the video and find out more about this phenomenon!

Apple, AT&T Hit By First Antenna Issue Class Action

Less than two weeks after the official debut of the iPhone 4, Apple and AT&T are facing a class action suit over the device's antenna issue.

Steve Jobs On iPhone 4 Antenna Issue: "Stay Tuned"

Steve has replied to another disgruntled fan's email, this time telling him to "stay tuned". We're not sure whether this means Apple is in the process of developing a quick-fix for the iPhone 4 antenna issue or not. It does give afflicted iPhone owners a shred of hope to hold on to!

iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Roundup: Apple, Steve, Antenna Expert All Comment

Check out our Antenna Issue Roundup for all the information you need regarding iPhone 4's antenna issue. Read on for Steve's email comment, Apple's official position, and an antenna expert's opinion!