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Antennagate Is History - Apple Brings Free Case Program To An End

Apple's Case Program is set to end on September 30. Current iPhone 4 owners can still order a case through the program's iPhone app up until this date. Prospective iPhone owners can rest assured in the knowledge that free bumpers will still be available past September 30. All you'll have to do is speak with an AppleCare representative. Read on to find out more...

Joe White

College Humor's Apple Press Conference

Many have said that Steve Jobs was far too arrogant when discussing reception issues at the recent Apple press conference. Now, the folks at College Humor have come up with their own version of the conference which takes arrogance to the next level.

Scott Grizzle

Apple Now Refunding Bumpers Purchased Online

If you purchased your Bumper from, you'll be glad (or disappointed) to find that Apple has now begun automatically issuing refunds. Indeed, an increasing number of users are reporting they have received the above email from Apple today.