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AOL's Vivv now lets you edit your existing photos with vivid splashes of color

Vivv makes your photos and videos pop out with vivid colors by letting you isolate colors that you want to stand out.

Show your mystic side with Sage: a social iOS app for sharing predictions

Sage for iOS is a new app that's all about predictions. But then again, maybe you already knew that?

AOL updates MapQuest to make getting to points of interest and favorite places quicker and easier

The latest update to MapQuest introduces a new tab-based layout that makes for quicker access to the app’s key functionalities.

AOL's Yo-like Pip app goes 2.0 with international support, custom messages and more

AOL has just updated Pip with at least a couple of highly requested features.

Apple will no longer support logging into iTunes or the App Store with an AOL account

Users have until March 30 to convert their account into an Apple ID.

AOL updates MapQuest for iOS with new information-driven features

MapQuest has been updated to provide you with more information as you hit the road or plan your next adventure.

You’re likely to like AOL's Starlike if you like checking out your friends’ likes

Starlike is an app that serves as a one-stop shop for your friends’ favorites and likes.

AOL releases Yo-like messaging app Pip for sending short preset messages

Pip is similar to Yo in that it lets you send short preset messages in just a few taps.

AOL's MapQuest now offers roadside assistance powered by

AOL has just updated the official iOS app of its MapQuest mapping service with integration.

AOL: Mail, News, Weather & Video goes 2.0 with new mail enhancements

AOL has just updated its official mail, news, weather and video app to version 2.0.

AOL Updates MapQuest With Traffic Data, Airport Maps, Ballpark Guides And More

AOL has just released a major update to the official iOS app of its online Web mapping service, MapQuest.

AOL Updates AIM For iPhone With Long-Awaited iOS 7 Redesign And More

While Apple was busy introducing iOS 8 at its WWDC keynote, AOL released a long-awaited update to its AIM app for iOS 7.

Apple Joins Google, Microsoft And More To Appeal For A Reform To NSA Surveillance

Apple has joined forces with a selection of other technology giants to appeal for a reform to the U.S. government's surveillance activities.

AOL: Mail, News, Weather & Video App Goes Universal For iPhone And iPod touch

AOL: Mail, News, Weather & Video has just gone universal with its latest update.

AOL: Mail, Weather, News & Video Arrives For The iPad

Surprisingly, AOL has actually done a nice job creating a competent news app.

AOL Reader To Launch On Monday, One Week Before The Demise Of Google Reader

AOL is jumping into the newsreader business. AOL Reader launches on Monday, June 24.

AOL Enters The Chatroulette Space In New Version Of Clucks And Solves It

The Chatroulette concept is back, but this time it just might work. Say hello to the latest version of AOL's Clucks app for iPhone.

Apple's iOS 6.1 Reportedly Plagued By Battery, 3G And Syncing Issues

Apple's iOS 6.1, the latest publicly available version of the popular mobile operating system, has reportedly been causing widespread issues among iPhone users.

AOL Releases Clucks, A Cross Between Viddy And Draw Something

AOL releases Cluck, the company's very first game for iOS.

In $1 Billion Deal, AOL Sells Microsoft The Majority Of The Company's Patents

In a move that could affect the mobile technology industry, AOL today announced the company has handed over to Microsoft 800 patents and patent applications. The move, which comes as AOL is looking to survive, will fetch the company $1 billion.

AOL's Personal Webpage Maker Now Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket

AOL's has made its iPhone debut, so you can update your personal page on the go.

The Moviefone Movies App For iPhone Goes Through A Well Needed Renovation

When the Moviefone app for iPad was released April 2011, we really enjoyed the user interface. I'm happy to report that the iPhone and iPod touch version is now using a very similar setup.

Moviefone For iPad Now Shows Critic Reviews, Becomes Canada-Friendly, And More

Today's Moviefone for iPad update allows for editing of the favorites section, adds critic reviews, provides a way to share movie showtimes, and more.

AOL's New "Editions" Magazine Promises A Quick, Curated Experience

AOL's "Editions" aims to algorithmically aggregate your new morning paper.