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App Store approval process

Did Apple really just feature a swastika in the App Store’s Best New Games?

Something is amiss in an iPad screenshot for the new game Stars Wheel.

Waiting is the hardest part for Pebble Time iPhone users

With Apple apparently dragging its feet on approving the companion app, iPhone users are out of luck for now.

Messenger For BB Is Yet Another Scam App

How do apps like these continue to slip through the approval process?

Don't Get Duped Into Buying Live Wallpaper - It Doesn't Make Your Device Look Any Cooler

There are plenty of ill-intentioned apps in the App Store, lurking in the darkness and preying on unsuspecting customers.

Buyers Beware: Temple Hunt! Is Another Ripoff That Ran Past Apple's Approval Team

The App Store is teeming with fraudulent apps. Temple Hunt! is just one more on a list that shouldn't exist in the first place.

Rampant App Store Fraud Indicates Changes In Apple's Review Policy

Apple's once-rigorous submissions staff is asleep at the wheel as App Store scams continue to fly under the radar.

Cinemax MAX GO Universal Application Now Available In App Store

Cinemax has released a universal app. But how did the application manage to get past Apple's App Store approval team?