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app store glitch

Apple Squashes Bug That Leaked Upcoming App Updates In iOS 6 App Store

The respective release notes for the upcoming updates of a small number of apps were leaked beginning a couple of days ago. This minor yet nonetheless interesting incident happened on account of a bug that affected the revamped App Store app currently accessible on iOS 6 beta. But as noted by 9to5Mac, which first reported on the issue as well, it appears that the bug has been fixed.

Apple Removes One-Star Reviews From DRM-Affected Apps

Apple is deleting all one-star reviews left as a result of the App Store's recent DRM snafu.

Apple Says App Store Glitch Is No More

Two problems affecting the App Store are no more, according to Apple.

App Store Affected By Trojan Horse

Kaspersky: App Store likely infected by Trojan Horse.

Now Might Not Be The Best Time To Update Your Most Popular Apps

A mysterious glitch has hit the App Store. Here's what you need to know.