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App Store Scams

Apple Removes Fake And Purchased App Review Ratings From The App Store

Developers who buy fake app reviews: beware! Apple is coming for you.

Messenger For BB Is Yet Another Scam App

How do apps like these continue to slip through the approval process?

Financial App Developer iBear Responds To Critics: We Aren't Running An App Store Scam

We've heard back from iBear after they were accused of running an App Store scam.

Apple Makes It Easier For Developers To Report Infringing Apps

Developers can report an infringing app via Apple's new iTunes Content Dispute page.

Don't Buy Any Property In This Fake Monopoly Game

Don't let this crudely copied Monopoly fake put you in the poor house.

New 'Terraria' Scam Tricking App Store Customers

Terraria is not yet available for iOS, so don't get tricked by this scam!

Misleading 'Craft - Build Terrain' Scam Back In The App Store

Somehow, this previously-banned MineCraft ripoff is available again.

Former Apple Employee Gives A Tiny Look Into App Store Review Process

Think the App Store review team is a bunch of dicks? Think again. Instead, they are apparently too busy sifting through pictures of the male anatomy.

'Writing' App Shamelessly Copies iA Writer's Iconic Looks

Here's yet more proof that Apple's review team is hopelessly AFK.

Misleading App Tops Charts, Highlights Apple's Inattention To Details

Lock My Screen, while not necessarily a scam, underscores Apple's recent App Store failings.

Developer Relays Story Of App Store Scammer Email From China

Do you want your app to rocket to the Top 10 list in the App Store? For just a "small" fee, apparently you can.

Don’t Get Fooled Again: We Are Calling Out Scam Artists In The App Store

We did a little research and found some developers that are questionable at best and downright criminal at worst. Find out which developers you should keep away from.

Scam Pokemon Apps Pulled From App Store

As quickly as they climbed the paid charts this weekend, a pair of fake Pokemon apps have been thankfully pulled from the App Store.

Prepare For Trouble And Make It Double: These Pokemon Apps Are A Scam

Don't be fooled by the fake Pokemon apps in the App Store — they're scams!

Temple Guns Blasts Its Way Past AWOL Apple Review Team

Another "Temple Run" knock-off gets past Apple's "review" staff. Sheesh.

Apple Issues Statement, Warns Devs About "Gaming The System"

With a warning to developers, Apple has started responding to the most recent barrage of App Store scams.

Rampant App Store Fraud Indicates Changes In Apple's Review Policy

Apple's once-rigorous submissions staff is asleep at the wheel as App Store scams continue to fly under the radar.

App Store Scammers: Craft - Build Terrain

Apple fans, avoid this application: Craft - Build Terrain. Though it might appear to be some kind of MineCraft client, the application is, in fact, a $1.99 scam that you will undoubtedly regret purchasing and downloading.

Alas eBook's Flash Video Expose Is One Of The Latest Frauds To Make It By The App Store Review Team

Looking for that perfect web browser with Adobe Flash support? Don't look to Alas eBook for the solution.

App Store Scammers: Flash Video Guide, Developed By PLD Soft

In this new series, we're going to be looking into apps which appear to be "scams," naming and shaming the developer so our readers don't waste valuable cash on fraudulent apps. Today, we're looking at Flash Video Guide.