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app switcher

Hands-On With Apple's Jailbreak-Inspired iOS 7 App Switcher

We go hands-on with the jailbreak-inspired app switcher in iOS 7.

New Concept Outlines Enhanced iOS 7 App Switcher

One brand new video concept highlights an impressive, new app switcher for iOS 7.

Auxo Jailbreak Tweak Is The App Switcher Apple Should Have Designed

If you’re tired of the same old app switcher on your iOS device, you should definitely check out Auxo.

HexaTasker Displays More Icons In Your Jailbroken Device’s App Switcher

This new Cydia tweak will expand your app switcher’s capacity and display more icons at once.

Spice Up App Switching On Your Jailbroken iDevice

This new jailbreak tweak can add a great fast app switcher to your jailbroken iDevice.

Top AppAdvice News And Apps Of The Past Week

Twitter released a new iPhone app that didn't sit well with some users. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin's obsession with a certain iOS app landed the actor on the tarmac with nowhere to go. These and other topics made news during the week that was.

Access Your iOS Settings From The Notification Center With This App - No Jailbreaking Required

App Switcher today arrived in the App Store. The $.99 utility makes it easier to quickly launch your top tasks via the app, as well as access them directly from the iOS 5.0 Notification Center.