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app synergy

App Synergy: How To Sleep With Your Apps

In this week's App Synergy, I put down my apps and get some sleep.

App Synergy: How To Make A Travel Journal

I traveled to Canada and back to bring you this week's App Synergy.

App Synergy: How To Write More Efficiently

Learn a neat writing trick in this week's App Synergy.

App Synergy: How To Maximize Your Olympic Enjoyment

In this week's App Synergy, we celebrate the Olympics.

App Synergy: How To Create A Comic Book

This App Synergy article takes you back to Batman's roots.

App Synergy: How To Embrace The Night

Part three of our Batman-inspired App Synergy series leads us to some apps for the dark.

App Synergy: How To Enjoy A Summer Of Movies

We continue our series of App Synergy articles inspired by "The Dark Knight Rises."

App Synergy: How To Organize Your Movie Collection

In this App Synergy, we talk Batman, movies, and the future of this column.

App Synergy: How To Combine AR And QR

Today we’ll look at doing something basic: making cards. The example below shows a Father’s Day card to mark the occasion, but it certainly works for any other card you’d like to make.

App Synergy: How To Manage Your App Addiction

With a nod to WWDC, this week's App Synergy examines the addiction to apps.

AppAdvice Daily: Turn Your Photos Into Puzzle Art

Personalize a puzzle with artistic style. Find out how on today's show.

App Synergy: How To Plan An Outing

Enjoy the coming summer days with these apps, which take you outside.

App Synergy: How To Synergize Your Evernote Use

This week's App Synergy shines the spotlight on Evernote.

App Synergy: How To Create An Artistic Puzzle

Learn how to make a beautiful painting and then turn it into a jigsaw puzzle.

App Synergy: How To Create A Slide Show

This week's app synergy article looks at a slide show that I made for my mother.

App Synergy: How To Synergize Your Stop Motion Video

This app synergy article spotlights a video, which was made with 15 different apps.

App Synergy: How To Engage In Literary Pursuits, The iPad Way

Aim for a purposeful reading experience that's greater than the sum of its parts.

App Synergy: How To App Synergize Your Business

One of our readers inspired this week's article with his own story of app synergy.

App Synergy: How To Create A Digital Comic Library

Learn how to build a massive comic collection on the cheap.

AppAdvice Daily: App Synergy - Video Making

Using app synergy, we'll show you how to create highly stylized home videos or podcasts.

App Synergy: How To Design Your Own Graphics

This article kicks off a weekly column, which looks at how multiple apps come together to perform a specific task.