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Are You Fast And Furious Enough To Win The First Sonic Dash Global Challenge?

Sonic Dash, the endless running game starring Sega's famously speedy hedgehog, has just received another update.

Turn Springfield Into 'Summerfield' In The Simpsons: Tapped Out

A new update has just arrived for The Simpsons: Tapped Out. And this update lets you turn Springfield into Summerfield.

No More Going Bananas Over Connection Problems In Say The Same Thing

Say The Same Thing, the unique word game created by the quirky alternative rock band OK Go, has just received a new update.

Facebook Messenger Delivers New Features For Group Conversations

Facebook's dedicated messaging app for iOS has received a notable update of its own.

Evernote For iOS Updated With Snippets, Trunk, Improved PDF Viewer And More Features

Evernote has just issued an excellent update to its namesake productivity app for iOS.

Tweetings 'Retweets' Official Twitter Client's Selective Push Notification Feature

Tweetings, a notable iOS client for — what else? — Twitter, has recently been updated with a new feature you won't want to miss.

SketchBook Pro For iPad Improves Color Palette, Adds Palm Rest For Your iCanvas

SketchBook Pro makes drawing on the iPad's spacious touchscreen mightily manageable and remarkably rewarding.