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Apple A5X

A5(X) iDevices Can Be Jailbroken 'For Life' Thanks To New iBoot Exploit

One new exploit means A5- and A5X-powered iDevices could be jailbroken "for life."

The Next iPhone: It Isn't Bigfoot, But It Could Be The A6 Processor

A new photo might show the long-rumored A6 processor. Will it show up soon on the new iPhone?

The Next iPhone May Finally Be Sporting Elusive A6 Processor

The next iPhone will be the first iOS product with a quad-core processor, according to a recent report.

New Image Of iPad 3's Logic Board Shows Apple A5X Processor

The purported image of an iPad 3's logic board has recently appeared on a Chinese website called WeiPhone. However, instead of showing off the Apple A6 processor we've been hoping would launch with the iPad 3, the tablet's logic board instead houses an "Apple A5X" processor, alongside a couple of 16 gigabyte flash memory chips.