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Apple Ad

Unaired 1983 Commercial Proves Apple Ads Have Come Full Circle

This old Apple commercial is almost as bad as the new ones.

Recent Apple Ads Have Been On The Wrong Kind Of Roll

Rotten apples don't make the greatest commercials.

iPhone & App Store Now Entertaining The President

Spotted by 9to5mac on the White House's Flickr account, this shot of US Vice President Joe Biden showing an iPhone app to President Barack Obama is making the rounds on the interwebs today

New iPad Ad: "How We Do All This Will Never Be The Same"

Just a few weeks since the last one was released, this morning Apple has begun airing a new iPad ad for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully the ad will help convert the few iPad-reticent people that might be remaining.

Supposed iPhone 5 Online Casting Call A Front For Some Unknown Scam

An online posting for iPhone 5 commercial participants is laughable, fake, and pulled.

Apple Airs New Dual AT&T & Verizon iPhone Ad - Shows It's More Of The Same

Following Verizon just a few days ago, Apple has now also taken its turn to promote the iPhone's new multi-carrier availability. The message is clear; it's just more of the exact same thing.

Apple Releases New iPad Ad - Electric

Apple's ad spending is reportedly on the rise of late. However, the iPad division doesn't seem to be getting much of a taste of this sweet cash. Indeed, Apple released a brand new iPad ad last night. Named "iPad is Electric," it's unfortunately, once again, more of the exact same thing.