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apple earnings

Apple records its biggest and most profitable quarter ever

There are now more than 1 billion active Apple devices worldwide.

Apple records yet another strong quarter thanks to the iPhone

In the fourth quarter of FY 2015, Apple earned $51.5 billion in revenue and $11.1 billion in profit.

Numbers to consider ahead of Apple’s third quarter FY2014 earnings call

Apple is scheduled to hold its third quarter results conference call at 2 p.m. PDT.

Numbers To Consider Ahead Of Apple’s Second Quarter FY2014 Earnings Call

Apple is scheduled to hold its second quarter results conference call at 2 p.m. PDT.

Apple Will Soon Announce Its Fourth Quarter Earnings For 2013

We'll soon know how many iPhones were sold between July and September.

Apple Announces Record iPhone Sales During Its Third Quarter

Apple just announced its best June quarter for iPhone sales. From April through June, the company sold 31.2 million handsets.

Apple's iPhone Shipments Could Impress Wall Street

Apple announces its third quarter earnings on Tuesday, July 23.

The iPad Once Again Steals The Show As Apple Announces Its Quarterly Earnings

More than 19.5 million iPads were sold in the quarter ending on March 30.

Apple Set To Release Second Quarter Earnings Report

Apple is set to release their quarterly health report later today, April 23.

Sprint Reports iPhone Activations Of 2.2 Million During Holiday Quarter

Sprint is the last of the top three cellular providers in the U.S. to report earnings, or rather losses.

Apple's Shares Hit Lowest Level Since July Following Earnings Call

Despite bringing in $36 billion in revenues and a $8.2 billion profit during the last quarter, Apple can’t seem to catch a break from investors.

Sprint Sold 1.5 Million iPhone Units In Third Quarter

Sprint has announced iPhone sales of 1.5 million units for the company’s July through September quarter.

Apple Shares Hit New High, Just Weeks Before New iPhone's Arrival

After six weeks of decline, Apple's stock is once again on fire as it hits a new high.

Apple Could Announce Record iPad Sales, With iPhone Sales Less Certain

We'll soon know whether iPad sales last quarter were a record. Also, Apple will also announce iPhone sales during a conference call tomorrow, July 24.

Apple's CEO Doesn't Think An iPad-MacBook Mashup Is In Cupertino's Cards

The compromises needed to converge Apple's family of devices is too great for the consumer to bear. Or care.

Apple To Announce Its Second Quarter Earnings On April 20

Apple will soon tell the world how much revenue it made in its second quarter of 2011. The company has an earnings call scheduled for Wednesday, April 20.