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apple lawsuits

Steve Jobs' words could come back to haunt Apple, again

The trial revolves around first-generation iPods.

Shanghai Animation Film Studio Suing Apple In China

Apple is being sued by China's Shanghai Animation Film Studio over intellectual property rights.

Apple’s Patent Judgment Against Samsung Sliced By Almost Half

The presiding judge, Lucy Koh, slashed more than $450 million from the $1 billion awarded to Apple last summer.

Ending Locked iPhone Practice At Center Of New Suit Against Apple

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit over locked iPhones.

Apple V. Samsung: To The Victors Go The Spoils

Apple could get much more than $1 billion after Samsung was found guilty of patent infringement.

Google Says Patents In Apple Vs. Samsung Case Essentially Have Nothing To Do With Android

In response to the outcome of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, Google is quick to point out that most of the patents associated with the case “don’t relate to the core Android operating system.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook Reiterates That Lawsuit Against Samsung Is About More Than Patents Or Money

In response to the verdict reached in favor of Apple in its much-publicized patent lawsuit against Samsung, Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent a memo to corporate employees of the triumphant tech company.

Jury Reaches Verdict In Samsung Vs. Apple Trial, Apple Emerges Victorious

Breaking news: Jury reaches verdict in Samsung-Apple trial.

Former 'Executive Producer' Of Apple's Keynote Presentations Sues Over Wrongful Termination

A former Apple employee claims Steve Jobs offered him job security. Instead, he was fired in December.