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Apple Maps

Apple may be planning some big additions for Maps in iOS 10

The fleet of Apple Maps vans have been spotted all across the United States, even late at night.

Apple expands Flyover and other Maps features to new locations

Apple has just gone live with another round of coverage expansion for some of the key features of its Maps service.

In the right direction: Apple further expands coverage of Maps features

Apple has further expanded the coverage of some of the key functions of its Maps software.

Apple Maps takes the lead over Google Maps on iOS

What used to be a laughingstock is now having the last laugh.

Transit directions for Boston, select Amtrak routes are added to Apple Maps

You can now view Amtrak routes between major cities in the Northeastern U.S.

Get directions even faster with Apple Maps in iOS 9

The navigation app is getting even smarter in the next version of iOS.

Apple Maps vehicles spotted roaming England

Apple Maps vehicles are now touring a selection of British towns and cities.

Apple confirms minivans are taking street-level pictures

Apple has confirmed that it is taking pictures of the streets and buildings around you.

A new report says the 'mystery' Apple vans are capturing images for a new mapping database

The vans have been spotted in a number of major cities across the United States since the start of 2015.

GPS start up Coherent Navigation is the latest Apple acquisition

Apple continues to acquire other location-based software companies to bolster its own mapping app.

Apple Maps adds data from GasBuddy and GreatSchools

Users may soon be able to view gas prices and local school information.

Apple's Flyover 3-D view feature in Maps expands to more locations

Apple has once again expanded the Flyover feature of its Maps software to a number of additional locations.

Apple introduces improvements for Photos and Apple Maps Connect

Apple has just rolled out several notable improvements for a couple of its Web-based services.

Apple's Maps gains Flyover 3-D view support for additional locations in Europe

Apple has recently carried out another round of expansion for the Flyover 3-D view feature of its Maps app.

Apple finally switches over to Apple Maps for the Find My iPhone interface

The feature used Google Maps data since first being introduced in 2012.

Apple adds new locations for Maps Flyover views and Siri movie showtime listings

Apple has recently added support for new locations for Maps Flyover views and Siri movie showtime listings.

Apple working to improve crowdsourcing features of its Maps software

Through a new job listing, Apple is looking for a "Maps Community Client Software Engineer."

Apple's Maps has at least 10 new business listing information providers

Apple has apparently partnered with more business listing information providers for its Maps service.

Apple launches Maps Connect website to make local business listings more accurate

Apple has just launched a new website called Apple Maps Connect.

Manager in charge of quality control for iOS 8.0.1 also oversaw launch of Apple Maps

So, who's responsible for Apple's botched iOS 8.0.1 update?

Watch part one of Apple CEO Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose

You can now watch the first part of Apple CEO Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose online.

Here once more? Nokia set to take on Apple and Google's mapping apps ... again

Nokia is working on a new mapping app for users of iOS and Android devices.

Apple Maps adds 3-D Flyover of Yosemite National Park and Wellington, New Zealand

The next major version of OS X is also named for the California landmark.

Apple's Maps team contacting business owners regarding user-submitted corrections

Apple is reportedly contacting business owners to resolve issues concerning incorrect information reported by users of its Maps app.