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Apple Patent

An Apple Watch could one day automatically adjust your iPhone’s volume

The interesting new patent describes how the watch would take ambient sound samples.

Will your next iPhone repair itself while you sleep?

Apple's applied for a patent that would allow your iPhone to perform self-maintenance and repair while you're otherwise occupied.

AppAdvice Daily: Apple News, Apple Rumors And One Must Have App Download

The Apple iTunes Festival has been announced, an Apple patent filing from 2008 is making headlines, and a must have charitable app.

Apple Is Working On A Unique Solution To iOS Device Battery Woes

Future iOS devices could control battery life based on usage patterns.

Apple Wants To Make Being Placed On Hold Somewhat Enjoyable

The latest patent awarded to Apple is unveiled.

Apple Patent Describes A Device Clip With A Removable Glass Touchpad

Along with iOS devices, the application says the clip could be attached to a camera, MacBook, game player, and even most interestingly a “convertible notebook.”

New Patent Suggests Apple Might Incorporate Facial Recognition Software Into The iOS

A recently filed patent application suggests that future iOS devices and MacBooks might be able to recognize their owner, and respond accordingly. Though many Apple patents amount to nothing, this new patent (which builds upon two previous applications) describes a kind of facial recognition that sounds workable, useful and altogether possible.

Apple Developing App That Allows Users To Scan Documents With iPhone's Camera?

Yesterday, HP announced a new mobile application that promises to allow users to "print, copy and scan interactively from a mobile device." Now, an Apple source has apparently told 9to5Mac that the Cupertino, CA company is working on a similar scanning app, which uses an iOS device's camera to scan documents.

Apple Patents The SIM-less iPhone

Apple has patented an idea that might, if implemented, would be a huge benefit to iOS users.

Apple Exploring New Ways To Charge iDevices With Coils

Apple wants to bring the inductive coil back from your physics class... to charge your iDevice.

Apple Could Soon Make It Easier For All Of Us To Be Citizen Journalists

Casual reporting, like amateur blogging, is becoming very popular thanks to the Internet. Now, a new patent suggests Apple is about to make the job of an iReporter much easier, according to Patently Apple.

Latest Apple Patent Concerns The Invisible, Should Maybe Stay That Way

Apple's newest patent could be a serious hurdle for social media addicts everywhere.

More iCloud News: Recently Uncovered Apple Patent & Job Listing Hits The Web

Today, more news on Apple's upcoming cloud based service - which many are calling "iCloud" - hit the Web.

Patent Watch: Apple Wants To Make The iPod Touch Even Thinner

Most of us probably thought the depth of Apple's iPod touch was limited by the audio socket it has to house. Unbelievably, Apple has outlined three ways it can get around this limitation in several patent applications.

Apple Patents "Dynamically Generated Ring Tones" For Your Friends And Family

Imagine, if you will, receiving a phone call from your mother and your iPhone automatically cuts together different video clips associated with her particular call. It would then sync them to a separate audio track and create a unique video theme around her. Sounds cool, eh?

Apple Patents Acoustic Commands

A simple tap, maybe a scratch and voila, you've just adjusted the volume or closed an application on your iPhone. Take a look at Apple's recent patent.

New "Smart Bezel" Patent Emerges, Forecasts Future Of iPad

It's always nice to see patents published by Apple indicating possible new features of future Apple products. On February 17, 2011, an Apple patent was published revealing a new "smart bezel" feature. What is a "smart bezel?"

Apple Granted Patent For iDevice Which Recognizes Users' Hands

Wouldn't it be cool if your iPad could recognize exactly who was holding it? According to a recently granted Apple patent, this could become a reality very soon. Obviously, patents come and go, and sometimes we never hear of an idea or concept ever again. However, it would be very cool if this particular patent came into being soon. Read on to find out more...