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Apple patents

A new Apple patent reveals a watch band that doubles as a case and stand

The described band would protect an Apple Watch when not being worn.

Will Apple be forced to pull the iPhone from the US market?

Ericsson wants Apple iPhones pulled from the U.S. market.

A new patent application shows that Apple is working on flexible displays

The new patent application suggests that future Apple products could have flexible displays.

Apple seeks trademark for new Passbook icon in iOS 8

The new icon reflects the addition of Apple Pay in iOS 8.

Infringement Case Against Apple Over Siri Moves Forward

Apple plans on appealing the ruling to the Beijing Higher People's Court.

Future iOS Devices Might Automatically Adjust User Settings Based On Location

The new technology is detailed in a recently published Apple patent filing.

Future Apple iPhones Could Create 'Super-Resolution' Photos

A new Apple patent application has been published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Samsung To Appeal Apple Smartphone Trial Verdict

Samsung doesn't want to pay Apple anything after a recent courtroom decision.

Will A New Apple Invention Finally End Pocket Dialing With iOS Devices?

Butt calls could finally be a thing of the past thanks to a new Apple invention.

Are Gesture-Based Unlocking Tools Coming To Apple's iOS?

Apple might have once been toying with bringing a gesture-based unlocking system to iOS.

Apple's Next iPad Smart Case Could Come With A Detached Keyboard

The next Smart Case for iPad may have a multitouch keyboard.

New Apple Patent Details An Activity Tracker Built Into A Pair Of Headphones

The proposed technology can also sense other biometric data like temperature, perspiration, and heartbeat.

Newly Discovered Apple Patent May Turn Your Ride Into A Smart Car

Apple's new patent could make any car a smart car.

Apple Is Developing A New Tool To Stop Web 'Spoofing' On iOS And Mac Devices

Apple is going after "spoofing" in latest patent filing.

Siri Could Help Power Docking Stations For iOS Devices

Siri could help control future docking stations for iOS devices.

Apple's New Patent Could Bring A Stereoscopic Camera Mode To iOS Devices

Apple was recently granted a patent that could bring artificial depth to photos taken on an iOS device.

Apple Awarded A Patent For Facial Recognition And Detection Technology

Facial recognition and detection technology could be incorporated in future Apple devices.

Apple Awarded Patent For A Lytro-Like Light Field Camera

The technology allows photographers to shift focus even after the original picture is taken.

Apple Looks To Have Big Plans In Store For The Touch ID Sensor

According to a new patent, in future iOS devices, the sensor might also function as an advanced trackpad.

Shelf Control: Apple Patent Application Aims To Let Users Give The Gift Of iBooks

This week on Shelf Control, we're going to take a look at a recently published Apple patent filing that details a method whereby users can gift iBooks e-books.

Apple Goes After The 'STARTUP' Trademark For A Second Time

Apple wants to trademark the all-caps "STARTUP" name.