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apple stock

Brean Capital praises Apple to investors, cites success of iPhone

Apple's "iPhone 6c" is the main reason the analyst sees shares in the company continuing to perform well.

Numbers to consider ahead of Apple’s fourth quarter FY 2015 earnings call

Before tomorrow’s earnings call, we’ve got some interesting numbers to take a look at.

Apple stock price falls below $100

APPL has fallen, but could this be good news for investors?

Numbers To Consider Ahead Of Apple’s Second Quarter FY 2015 Earnings Call

Apple will announce the results of the company's second quarter later today, April 27.

Apple is worth how much?

Apple is worth more than 20 National Football Leagues, and more.

Apple's market capitalization reaches a record $700 billion

Wall Street continues to shower Apple and Tim Cook with love.

Shares of Apple drop significantly after string of bad news

Now might be a good time to buy Apple stock.

Celebrity photo scandal rocks Apple shares ahead of next week's 'iPhone 6' event

The iCloud photo scandal probably won't go away before next week's "iPhone 6" event.

Nearing an important fall product season, Apple shares zoom past the $100 mark

Accounting for a recent 7-for-1 split, the stock is near an all-time high.

RBC Analyst Increases Apple Stock Price Target Ahead Of A Promising Few Months

If you're planning on purchasing Apple stock, now would be a good time to buy.

You Can Now Buy Shares Of Apple For Under $100 After 7-For-1 Stock Split

Apple's stock is now trading at under $100 per share.

Apple Stock Gaining Momentum Ahead Of WWDC, Busy Fall Season

The stock is trading at above $600 for the first time since late 2012.

Apple Awards Top Executives Huge Bonuses

Apple has awarded bonuses to the company's top executives.

Following 8 Percent Decline In Price, Apple Bought Back $14 Billion Of Its Own Stock

Tim Cook has confirmed that Apple recently bought back $14 billion worth of its own stock.

Analysts Are Split Over The Future Direction Of Apple's Stock

Which way will Apple's stock go in 2014? The experts are split.

Apple Shares Are Flying High After China Mobile iPhone Deal

Apple investors are very happy this Monday, Dec. 23.

Wall Street Is Showing A Lot Of Love For Apple After Strong Black Friday Sales

The bulls have finally returned for Apple stock.

Apple Stock Takes A Positive Turn, Closes Above $550 At The End Of Black Friday Trading

The only way is up for Apple stock (at least for now).

Apple Investors Are Feeling Very Thankful This Holiday Eve

Now is a great time to own Apple stock.

Here's Another Way Apple's iPhone 5s Is Different Than Its Predecessor

The iPhone 5s should help increase Apple's gross margins.

After Apple Sells A Record Number Of New iPhones, Its Stock Soars

Wall Street is happy with Apple -- for the time being.