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Apple Television

Apple wants to sell you a television set, just not today

Is there an Apple television set in your future?

Dish Network's Sling TV service adds new channels, now available on Xbox One

New offerings on the streaming video service before the end of March.

Apple Wants To Finally Cut The Cable Cord

Apple is now talking to production studios and networks about the "iTV."

Why Is A Fashion Industry Executive Headed To Work At Apple?

The CEO of Yves Saint Laurent is coming to work for Apple -- for a second time.

WWDC 2013: Apple May Be Prepping An iPhone Surprise

The budget iPhone could arrive before the "iPhone 5S." Perhaps at WWDC?

New Apple HDTV Concept Surfaces: Features iPad mini Remote, Siri Integration

Holding out for an Apple HDTV? Then take a look at this new impressive concept video.

The iTV: Apple Could Become Lord Of The 'iRings'

The latest iTV rumors are amazing, and unique.

Apple Said To Be Working On Ultra HD Television

The so-called iTV could use Ultra HD technology.

The AppAdvice Week In Review Includes iTunes 11, Unlocked iPhones, An iTV

As December begins, Apple makes what are likely to be their final public decisions of 2012.

An Apple Television Concept That Includes A La Carte Entertainment Programming

Here is an Apple television concept that offers a la carte programming, Siri, and more.

Mark Cuban: An Apple Set-Top Box Would Be A Game Changer

The way entrepreneur Mark Cuban sees it, an actual Apple television is never going to happen. That doesn’t mean that the HDNet founder thinks Cupertino will be staying on the sidelines of the home entertainment business.

The AppAdvice Week In Review

Conflicting reports suggest the iTV is dead or already in production. Meanwhile, we heard more about the next iPhone, and possible iPad mini.

Is Apple Already Preparing To Rearrange Your Living Room?

According to one analyst, Apple is already in production with an "iTV" and plans to sell it for a very competitive price.

Apple's iTV Launch Rumored To Be Delayed Due To Poor Display Availability

Just a couple of days ago, we told you Apple was reportedly in talks with at least one potential display provider for its rumored Apple Television (or, if you prefer, "iTV") device. Now, we're hearing that the launch of this yet-to-be-announced product could be delayed due to poor display availability.

Apple Reportedly Talking To Major Supplier Regarding iTV Display Components

Apple has reportedly been shopping around for HDTV display components, and has even contacted a major Asian supplier.

Apple Wants To Be A Television Star, Uncovered Patent Suggests

Apple is cooking up something tasty for all of us couch potatoes: interactive widgets by way of its Apple TV. Unlike traditional TV widgets, these would allow us to 'talk back' in real-time about current television programming.

Former Apple Executive: Apple To Enter TV Business, iOS-Powered TV Display Coming

A former Apple executive (speaking with DailyTech) claims that Apple is planning on entering the TV business, with the upcoming release of an iOS-powered TV display.

Apple Job Listing Hints At "Actual" Apple Television?

A recent Apple job listing hints that the company may be considering developing an "actual" television device - not just a set top box. The speculated device could feature a "standalone display," according to the job listing, or maybe even combine an Apple TV with an HDTV.