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apple vs. amazon

Apple Is Discounting Hachette Books Amazon Refuses To Sell

The discounts are for a limited time only.

Apple Not Amazon Holds The Most Credit Cards On File

Amazon might be the largest online retailer in the world, but Apple holds quadruple the number of accounts.

DOJ: Steve Jobs Changed Apple’s In App Purchase Policy To Hurt Amazon

The U.S. government still wants Apple to pay for colluding with publishers. However its terms have changed a little bit.

New Amazon Acquisition Hints At A Forthcoming Smartphone

Amazon has reportedly scooped up Siri clone Evi for $26 million.

Amazon Is Using A Little White Lie In New Kindle Fire HD Ad That Goes After The iPad

Sure, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch is less expensive than the iPad. But ...

Apple May Have No Choice But To Enter A Tablet Pricing War

Amazon's aggressive tablet pricing may finally mean less expensive iPads are coming.

The AppAdvice Week In Review

The first iOlympics arrived, as did OS X Mountain Lion. These stories and more made news this week.

Apple Makes Big Gains In Tablet Market During First Three Months Of 2012

Thanks to the new iPad and lower-cost iPad 2, Apple increased its dominance in the tablet market in the first quarter of 2012.

Is The New iPad Retina Display Really Better Than E-Ink For Reading?

This comparison between Apple's Retina display and Amazon's e-ink screens is informative but ultimately futile.

Foxconn To Manufacture 10-Inch Kindle Fire As Amazon Limits 7-Inch Production

Amazon is cutting production of the original Kindle Fire as Foxconn starts work on the 10-inch version.

Tim Cook Spends As Much Time On His iPad As The Rest Of Us

Looks like you're not the only one glued to Apple's Tablet 24/7.

Tim Cook Unmoved By Potential Kindle Fire "Threat"

Tim Cook has seen no effect on iPad sales since Amazon's launch of their Kindle Fire.

Research Firm Estimates Tablet/e-Reader Market Doubled Over Last Month

The tablet market is obviously booming, but this data's just plain absurd.

Apple Hopes To Deliver Crippling Blow To Kindle Fire At Tomorrow's Event

Tomorrow's "education"/publishing event will start Apple's response to the Amazon threat.

Amazon's iPad Kindle Store An Easier Way To eShop For eBooks

Amazon makes shopping for ebooks easier with its new iPad web app.

Rogue Analyst Thinks Kindle Fire Erased Significant Holiday iPad Sales

One ill-informed analyst thinks the Kindle Fire cost Apple a couple million iPad sales last month.

Amazon Opens The Doors (Floodgates?) To Pervasive Ad-Based Mobile Consumer Tech

Encouraged by the unlikely success of Amazon's cheapest Kindle, other ad-based mobiles may not be far behind.

Credit Where Credit Is Due: Apple Created "Apps" And The "App Store"

Apple is getting the short end of the stick in its "App Store" suit.