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apple vs. microsoft

Microsoft launches News Pro to bring 'hyper-relevant news for your work'

News Pro is similar to Apple News and Flipboard as it recommends news articles for your consumption based on your interests.

Apple and Microsoft fans have very little in common

A new survey compares Apple and Microsoft fans.

Microsoft launches a new Siri vs. Cortana ad, highlights Cortana's smart reminders

Siri goes head-to-head with Cortana in Microsoft's latest Windows 8.1 ad.

Apple Devices Could Finally Catch Up With Windows PCs In 2014

The news isn't good for Microsoft, or Windows-based PCs.

When It Comes To The Desktop, Apple Could Learn From Microsoft And Vice Versa

We take a brief look at Windows 8.1 versus OS X Mavericks.

You Shouldn't Kick Someone When They're Down Even When They Are Microsoft

A new report shows just how dire the situation is for Microsoft as they try to survive in the mobile age.

Under The Surface, Microsoft's ARM Tablet Is A Terrible Mistake

Microsoft's Surface tablet may have destroyed Windows RT's chance at success.

Microsoft's Mobile Strategy Comes Into Focus With Windows Phone 8 Preview

While Microsoft's made Windows Phone better, it's still not a serious threat to Apple.

On The Surface, Microsoft's Tablets Look Pretty Compelling

While not a threat to the iPad's reign, Microsoft's new Surface tablets look like a solid second choice.

Lukewarm Carrier Support Puts Nokia, Microsoft Behind The Eight Ball

Nokia's flagship handset is beautiful, well-made, inexpensive, and utterly worthless.

Microsoft Says Windows Phone Will Dominate Chinese Market By 2016

Microsoft is majorly bullish on the Eastern future of its Windows Phone platform.

AAPL Approaches $500 Per Share, Again The World's Most Valuable Brand

In a day of record-breaking stock performance, Apple is again the world's most valuable company.