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apple vs. microsoft

Apple and Microsoft fans have very little in common

A new survey compares Apple and Microsoft fans.

Microsoft launches a new Siri vs. Cortana ad, highlights Cortana's smart reminders

Siri goes head-to-head with Cortana in Microsoft's latest Windows 8.1 ad.

Apple Devices Could Finally Catch Up With Windows PCs In 2014

The news isn't good for Microsoft, or Windows-based PCs.

When It Comes To The Desktop, Apple Could Learn From Microsoft And Vice Versa

We take a brief look at Windows 8.1 versus OS X Mavericks.

You Shouldn't Kick Someone When They're Down Even When They Are Microsoft

A new report shows just how dire the situation is for Microsoft as they try to survive in the mobile age.

Under The Surface, Microsoft's ARM Tablet Is A Terrible Mistake

Microsoft's Surface tablet may have destroyed Windows RT's chance at success.

Microsoft's Mobile Strategy Comes Into Focus With Windows Phone 8 Preview

While Microsoft's made Windows Phone better, it's still not a serious threat to Apple.

On The Surface, Microsoft's Tablets Look Pretty Compelling

While not a threat to the iPad's reign, Microsoft's new Surface tablets look like a solid second choice.

Lukewarm Carrier Support Puts Nokia, Microsoft Behind The Eight Ball

Nokia's flagship handset is beautiful, well-made, inexpensive, and utterly worthless.

Microsoft Says Windows Phone Will Dominate Chinese Market By 2016

Microsoft is majorly bullish on the Eastern future of its Windows Phone platform.

AAPL Approaches $500 Per Share, Again The World's Most Valuable Brand

In a day of record-breaking stock performance, Apple is again the world's most valuable company.