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apple vs. nokia

New Nokia TV Advertisement Paints iPhone Users As Zombies

It looks like the Finnish handset maker is getting really desperate.

Nokia Consultant Says Stephen Elop, Windows Phone A Monumental Mistake

Jean-Louis Gassée says he told Nokia to fire CEO Stephen Elop and switch to Android.

Lukewarm Carrier Support Puts Nokia, Microsoft Behind The Eight Ball

Nokia's flagship handset is beautiful, well-made, inexpensive, and utterly worthless.

Is AT&T Really Pushing Its Nokia Exclusive Harder Than The iPhone?

One report says Ma Bell's spoiling her newest darling with more marketing money than the household's biggest breadwinner.

Clever Image Highlights Mobile Hardware Before, After iPhone

The iPhone changed mobile hardware forever. But a picture's worth 1000 words.

Google's OS Might Claim The Volume Crown, But Apple Commands 3/4 Of Industry Profits

Apple takes home the overwhelming majority of mobile industry profits with less than a tenth of total units sold.

Apple & Nokia Settle Patent Disputes - Apple Now Paying Royalties

It's been a long drawn out legal battle, but Apple and Nokia have finally come to an agreement regarding patent disputes. Apparently, Apple has paid Nokia a "one-off payment," and will also continue to pay Nokia royalties for the use of the company's patents.

Apple Overtakes Nokia, Becomes The World's Largest Handset Vendor By Revenue

In the first quarter of 2011, Apple overtook Nokia to become the world's largest handset vendor. The achievement comes just four years after Apple release the original iPhone, in 2007.

Score One For Apple In Its Battle With Nokia

Apple Inc won a round in its patent battle with Nokia as a U.S. trade panel ruled that the U.S. company did not violate any of five Nokia patents, according to Reuters. This stems from a complaint Nokia filed against Apple over its iPhone 3GS hand set and iPod nano.